Your Purchase Makes The Difference

Our lives have been forever changed in so many ways since Covid19. Many of us self quarantined or were required to work from home. Some lost their jobs while others had no choice and had to make the best of a bad situation. The pandemic affected how we worked, shopped, and lived, affecting every aspect of our daily routines. 

Most of us have come through the pandemic with a renewed desire to connect with friends and family, to begin again to live life in our new normal. Employers are encouraging employees to return to work, camping and traveling is setting records, restaurants are busy, local small businesses are open.

Small business owners invest their time, energy, money, and future into their business. There is no second option, bailout or contingency for small businesses. When you choose to make a purchase supporting a small business you are making an investment in your community, the family of the business owner, and their employees.

If you enjoy camping, fishing, gardening, or enjoy the outdoors, Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner is available to purchase at your local hardware store, garden center, or farm supply store in Georgia. Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner is also available at 411 River Rest Campground in Murray County, Oconee Springs in Putnam County, Cloudland Canyon and FDR Georgia State Parks. Thank you in advance for supporting us and your local small businesses.