Kleen King Hot Pipes Cleaner – removes boot marks!


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Kleen King Hot Pipes Cleaner is the solution for getting the boot rubber and grime off of your exhaust pipes.  Hot Pipes Cleaner works when your pipes are still hot and leaves them clean with that mirror finish you are looking for.  Cleans all of your boot marks, tar, oil, bugs and even melted on litter.
To use:
–  Get your pipes warmed up
–  Squeeze the products onto a heavy cotton towel
–  Rub metal in a circular motion, use special care with problem areas
–  Turn over cloth and wipe clean with clean side
–  ……..That is it!
–  Cleans while exhaust pipes are hot
–  Cleans & Shines: motorcycle exhaust, auto exhaust, hot engine parts
–  Removes tar, boot marks, oil, bugs, melted-on litter, & more
–  Non-Flammable
–  Keeps chrome show-room clean & bright
–  Thoroughly tested by motorcycle enthusiasts
–  Generous 5.25oz tube will give multiple applications

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in
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