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Magic Wash waterless or conventional wash containing a releasing agent!


Individual: 1 – 32oz Bottle
Case: 12 – 32oz Bottles

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Spray on any surface to safely break up road grime, bugs, dirt and grease to leave a clean surface. Excellent pre-spray before wash!

Magic Wash is a high performance cleaner formulated with natural citrus and soy-based solvents, surfactants and other cleaning agents. It is designed to be sprayed directly onto the surface to be cleaned. As soon as the product has been applied, you can agitate or scrub any area that you feel necessary followed by a pressure rinse from a garden hose or pressure washer. For tougher jobs let sit for aprox. 1 minute after applying, agitate and rinse off.
For use as a wash pre-spray, simply spray Magic Wash on the trouble areas, let soak for 1 minute, then continue washing vehicle. This will assist in lifting dirt and bugs off of the surface for a more effective wash.

Magic Wash is the best product for getting off that caked on mud and dirt off of your dirtbike or ATV. Spray Magic Wash directly on fresh or dry dirt/mud, apply more to problem areas. Let Magic Wash soak into the dirt for aprox. 1 to 2 minutes, you will see the reaction take place right in front of you as it breaks up the bonds turning dirt into a muddy foam that will fall right off of the vehicle. Then spray off the treated areas to leave a clean and dirt free surface!

For automobiles simply spray on bugs, grease, dirt and road grime let stand for aprox. 1 minute. Use Moto-Tec Body Brush or Bug Sponge to agitate and scrub away soils to leave a clean surface.

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