Puppies, Dog Pee, and Dog Urine Smell

Puppies and Dog Pee

The gift of a new puppy or dog for Christmas is wonderful, the dog pee not so much. Puppies and dogs become excited and/or anxious when they join a family. Their excitement and anxiety lead to accidents which cause dog urine smell in carpets.

Learning from experience is the best way to learn. One year one of my children got a puppy for Christmas who was housebroken before Christmas morning. Friends of the family kept the puppy at their house at night, during the day while the children were at school the puppy was at home being introduced to the home and potty trained.

Not everyone can have friends willing to take on that responsibility. When you bring home a puppy or dog, life is much better when dog pee issues are anticipated. Training from the beginning is easier than correcting bad habits.

One of the greatest mistakes made in puppy training is the use of dog pee pads. Using pee pads is training the new member of the family it is good to pee on the pad. The pad contains the pee but the undesirable behavior of the puppy peeing in the house is reinforced each time the dog pees.

Dog Urine Smell

The best training to eliminate dog pee and dog urine smell is the tried and proven method.

Manage the times your puppy or dog eats and drinks water developing a routine. When your dog eats food or drinks water take them outside to a defined area to relieve themselves.

It is important to maintain a routine feeding your dog at approximately the same time every day then taking them out to the same area to do their business.

While in the training time when accidents occur use a pet urine eliminator. Some products mask the odor without eliminating the cause – dog urine.

P-U-E (Pet Urine Eliminator) eliminates the dog urine and contains natural deodorizers in the formula.

P-U-E is sold in a 32 oz spray bottle and available in two scents, Apple Blossom or Lavender Vanilla.

Training your dog from the beginning requires time and commitment. A little time now will return wonderful benefits in the future. Creating a routine while praising your puppy each time they do as trained, your dog will want to please you in the future.

When a man trains his dog, his dog is man’s best friend! To start right from the beginning of dog ownership you can purchase your bottle of P-U-E here Pet Urine Eliminator. Be sure to choose your scent or buy one of each.

You will find we offer eco-friendly cleaning products which make cleaning safer, easier, and faster. Many dog owners realize using nature-based cleaning products is best for their pets.

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