Why choose our products?

Moto-Tec LLC is a Veteran and Woman-owned Georgia Resident Company providing Nature-based Clean and Shine Made in America Products.

Dan the chemist who created Moto-Tec-it products understood your desire to use nature-based products to safely wash your hands, clean up after pet accidents or  wash your motorcycle for that clean shine every time. Quick Scrub hand cleaner is ideal for cleaning your hands without water while camping, fishing, gardening, working on equipment or anytime your hands become dirty, grimy, or greasy. P-U-E (Pet Urine Easy Clean is different from similar products because it utilizes a nature enzyme to eliminate pet urine odor.  Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes treat your motorcycle like jewelry using a jeweler’s polishing agent. Shine-Up Liquid is your solution  to bring out the depth of paint and make chrome glisten.

Motorcyclist Testimonial

“I thought my bike was clean and shiny….not until I used your products. It looks wet and the metallic flake has a 3D field look to it. Made in the USA IS A BIG PLUS TOO!” Van D. 2017