Start a riding season with safety first.

watch for motorcycles


This is the 2015 campaign of the Blue Knights Georgia XVIII Chapter. We began a working relationship with the Blue Knights in 2013. In 2014 Moto-Tec Products were approved by the Blue Knights International Board, and our products are now listed in their product catalog. Moto-Tec Products are now offered by the Blue Knights GAXVIII Chapter.

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To fully embrace both being a safe rider and promoting motorcycle awareness. This campaign has already made a difference in my state of Georgia. With the support of the Blue Knights and other organizations like Georgia ABATE the Georgia DOT has begun intentionally having the electronic traffic signs promote motorcycle awareness to the cage drivers. This is a first step of which we have many more to take. The second part of this campaign is the focus on Driver Education High School Programs. The goal  is having an Intersection Awareness segment emphasized within the program. This has been fully embraced by a few counties with the hopes that others will follow.
We need you to both practice and promote these issues. I myself recently attending a riding course. I think many of us would benefit by reviewing our techniques and possible bad habits we have acquired over time.
I may be older but this dog can learn new tricks.

See you on the Open Road,

Moto-Tec Tim