Do you use a spray cleaner on your motorcycle?

Spray and Wipe

Many motorcycle owners wash their motorcycles using a spray-on then wipe-off cleaner. Have you ever taken a moment and thought about this process and the paint?

When your motorcycle has just a light dust from sitting in the garage this type of product works well. This is not the case when you have ridden down a dirt road or on busy roads in rainy weather. The road grime and surface dirt are much grittier and much more likely to scratch the surface.

Spraying liquid onto dirt only changes the dirt into mud. Wiping mud with a solid cloth actually wipes the mud across the surface you are attempting to clean. When you use a spray wash and then rinse the surface with water, if the cleaner does not contain a releasing agent, the same action happens. This is why what you use to wash your motorcycle and the formula it contains makes all the difference in the longevity of paint. This is why Magic Wash should be your choice.  Spray Magic Wash onto your motorcycle and watch the bubbles release the dirt from the surface, ready to be rinsed or wiped off without scratching the paint.

A cleaner with a releasing agent also makes washing your motorcycle faster and easier.  Washing is the first part, the second part is how the product finishes. The formula provides a streak-free rinse and can also be used without water if necessary.

Magic Wash is why customers use many of the other surface maintenance products in the #Moto-Tec-it family of products.

Watch the video to learn more about Magic Wash.

See you on the Open Road,

Moto-Tec-it Tim

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