Moto-Tec receives status as a Veteran Owned Business!

We are proud to be listed as a Veteran Owned Business.  Serving our country has a long history within our family.

Our ancestor Pvt. Elijah Travis served Captain Cutting and Colonel Horn of Mass.  in the establishment of American Independence during the War of the Revolution. My father served in Europe during WWII as an Army Radio Operator and my uncle served in the Army Air Corps. A brother-in-law served two tours in Vietnam beginning in 1966. Another brother-in-law served in the Air Force as an ICBM  Technician. My brother was a Army Airborne Ranger, and served as the Liaison Officer on Allied Staff Berlin. I myself  served in the Army Dental Corps as a Dental Laboratory Technician. I have several nieces and nephews that have served in both the Army and the Navy. Some of them have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not only do we have a history of military service, my father worked as a civilian attached to the U.S Army.  My father was assigned duties in France, Germany and the Canal Zone so we traveled and lived in foreign countries.

These experiences afforded me a perspective for which I am forever grateful. When we traveled the world and we saw Old Glory, Flying High and Proud, on a military installation or an American Embassy, we knew we were safe.  When we would enter through the gate to the installation and the Salute was given by the M.P, we were proud to be an American. We were appreciated by the majority of the people we encountered during our travels. Not for who we were but what we represented. The very concepts which my ancestor fought for in the establishment of our independence, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In 1976 I myself looked over the Berlin Wall into East Germany. The contrast was significant. One side was hope and opportunity, the other was gray and lifeless. This experience affected me to the core. The very reality of what in means to be an American.

Political Parties Change, Politicians come and go, but our Constitution and the Military Men and Women that vow to defend it will always remain.

If you served, thank you. If you are a Vietnam Veteran, Welcome Home! If you have earned the privilege of being a member of the American Legion, VFW or any other military organization I encourage you to join today.

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