Are we regularly inspecting our motorcycles?

We are very fortunate to attend multiple events and rallies each month promoting our cleaning and detailing products. During these events we meet many different people with various riding desires and experiences.  We often enter into discussions regarding their preparation to ride or post-ride tendencies and we often find that we ourselves fall into a complacency zone.

Today most motorcycles are very dependable which was far from true when I was riding back in the late 70’s.  Back then it was not uncommon for the bike not to start and if it did cutting out while running was a concern. The electrical systems were not what they are today. We would have to kick start our bikes and on those cold days this was no easy task. When we did experience those times our bikes failed us, it was an opportunity to correct the issue and have a plan in place if we encountered it again in the future. I, myself, was never in the mindset that everything would go as planned.

With the dependability of our rides today, we often forget to do a pre-ride check because our last ride was without incident. I, too, often fall within this zone. This is one reason to intentionally clean your bike on a regular basis, depending on your frequency of riding. When we clean our bikes it requires us to stop and look, which provides us a time to do the Motorcycle Safety Foundation TCLOCK check list:  T-Tires and Wheels, C- Controls, L-Lights, O-Oil and fluids, C-Chassis, K- Kickstand.  I encourage our customers to make a visual inspection of their bike while they are cleaning it. This doesn’t require a lot of time and, believe me, it will save you heartache in the future. I even found a slight oil leak, which was a nominal repair but could have caused me to have a bad day.

I will often start with cleaning my faceshield or windshield. Then move to my mirrors and then down to the tank and the rest of the bike. I will use the Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes because they are safe for all the surfaces I am checking.  I can easily apply the solution and then come back again after it dries to a haze and do a TCLOCK inspection while I am polishing my bike. This takes just a few minutes and the benefits are well worth it. First, I have insured I have the best vision possible by cleaning my faceshield or windshield. I have also taken a minute to inspecte my helmet by cleaning the face shield. While cleaning my bike, I am looking and seeing if there are any concerns or potential issues to address prior to my ride. The added benefit is I have given my bike a little more protection from the elements. I can now start on my ride knowing that my bike is mechanically sound and enjoy splitting the wind.