Cleaning easy as 1,2,3.

Fall is here and now is a beautiful time to ride. The leaves are changing in many areas and the dog days of summer are over. With the weather changing and a little cooler, we may not be as ready to get the hose out and wash our bikes.  I, myself, understand this and, honestly, I would rather spend my time riding my bike then washing it. I have also heard this comment from others at many of the events and rallies we have attended this year.

If I told you that we have a solution for saving you time washing your bike, would that be of value to you? If I told you that we had different options for cleaning your bike without water, would that be of interest? We can fulfill each of these needs, and it is a simple as 1,2,3.

If you need to save time and you have a hose and water available, Magic Wash is your friend. This product was formulated by Dan, our chemist, because of the unique properties of Hydrogen Peroxide. This formula is designed to both cut the road grime and lift it from the surface for a safe cleaning. The formula also offers a streak-free rinse and is safe for all surfaces of your bike. Magic Wash can be used in two ways. It can be used as a spray on and then rinse off; either as a pre-wash or wash. It also can be used without water.  Just spray on and then wipe off because the product lifts the debris from the surface.

Our #2 product in our 1,2,3 is our Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes.   They are designed to not only clean your bike but polish it as well. The wipes are a non-woven cloth. and this is important because the cloth being a weave allows the dirt to go into the cloth and not scratch the surface. These wipes are pre moistened with both a cleaner and a jewelers polish. These are great for when there is no water available or you just do not want to pull out the hose. Begin with the windshield or mirrors and then work down and back towards the rear of the bike. One wipe will usually clean an entire bike.  Wipe on and let it dry completely to a haze. This is the jewelers polish drying and lifting the debris. Finally, gently wipe off the haze with micro fiber towel.

Shine Up Liquid is our number 3 in our 1,2,3. This product is ideal for a dusty bike or to bring a clean bike to a showroom shine. Use this product in conjunction with Magic Wash as a 1-2. It can also be used in conjunction with the Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes as a 1-2. If a bike has been sitting in the garage and has a light dusting, pull out the Shine Up Liquid. We have also found that the car collectors like to use this as a quick detailer, or following a conventional wash with our Super Wash and a bucket and sponge. The Shine Up Liquid will put a shine to chrome like nothing else. It works well on vinyl or leather without making it slick. This is the answer to your seat or leather bags not to mention your cars interior. It also is well received by the classic car collectors because the junction between a window  and the frame often has chrome. This works on all four surfaces, Paint, Chrome, Glass, and Rubber without a haze and little effort.

I demonstrated this 3 step process to some Combat Vet riders this past summer whose  main issue was a lack of time. I was able to wash their bikes in about 20 minutes with the system I am outlining today. We are now a favorite and they are strong endorsers of our products. So whether it is 1, or 1-2, or 1-2-3, Just Moto-Tec it.