Veterans, Thanksgiving and Motorcycles!

The month of November is here, a month of significance, I think, that often gets lost in the midst of our busy lives. We are afforded the opportunity to exercise our privilege to cast our vote.  This privilege is granted to us in the Constitution of the United States. Every member of the military takes an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. I raised my hand, and took the oath to defend the Constitution when I joined the Army. Fortunately, I was never in harms way, but I joined the military knowing I could be asked to sacrifice my life, for that which I held most dear. Many military members have been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. These heroes we honor on Memorial Day.

Veterans Day, November 11th, is a day to acknowledge that our way of life, our freedom, our rights are still in place today because of a Veteran. Our country has a history of challenges and strife, of which, we the American People have always overcome. The number of those that have served and are currently serving is much less than many would believe. Our military members serve in far away places, and many sacrifices are made of which most of us never know. Please take time this Veterans Day and reflect on the many freedoms we take for granted. Make it an intentional part of your day to find and thank a veteran.

Later in November we celebrate Thanksgiving. I do not believe it is coincidental that Veterans Day precedes Thanksgiving. When this country was founded, obstacles and strife needed to be overcome. When the time of strife had paused, our founders had a time of Thanksgiving. This year, I encourage you to consider how thankful we who call ourselves Americans and live in a country of opportunities like no other should be. In my life, I have personally witnessed peoples and cultures that have so much less, and struggle to merely survive.

Being part of the motorcycle community is a role I hold with honor. I do not believe there is a community outside of the military and associated organizations with a larger percentage of men and women that have served their country in uniform. The motorcycle community proudly displays Old Glory, holds to the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.  We also know that on any given ride we may not return. This provides a foundation for being thankful. The community is one that supports its members and their local communities as well. You would be hard pressed to find a weekend where there is not a motorcycle ride for a charity or a person in need.

I am an American Legion Rider with Georgia Post 57, a Georgia A.B.A.T.E. member of 6-2, and a member of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club South Atlanta Chapter 186. I affiliated myself with these organizations because of specific reasons. I joined the Legion Riders so I may actively support Veterans, and at the same time remind our country that freedom comes with a cost;  Georgia A.B.A.T.E because this is the organization with the sole purpose of preserving our rights through legislative action; and  The Southern Cruisers Riding Club because of providing multiple riding opportunities and multiple chapters across the country so you always have a chance to make new friends.

Veterans, Thanksgiving and Motorcycles … they just go together.

See you on the “Open Road”

Moto-Tec Tim