Bomber Girls L.R.C.

Riding motorcycles is more than a means of transportation; it is a passion. A passion bringing strangers together, friendships develop, and sometimes a bond of brotherhood is the result.

We experience this special connection every time we ride as we encounter groups of riders on the roads or during bike nights or motorcycle events. Sometimes during these activities, we meet someone and soon we learn we have much more in common than riding motorcycles and our passion fuels our mutual interests. It was during a local motorcycle event that I had the privilege to experience this when I met Shannon, a member of Bomber Girls L.R.C.

Bomber Girls L.R.C had organized a ride and fundraiser for a new roof for the Coweta Veterans Club, home to the American Legion Post 57 and V.F.W. Post 2667 of Newnan, Georgia. Several of us were enjoying food and refreshments as the event was winding down and the topic of our conversation soon became focused on serving and supporting Veterans.

The Legion and VFW officers shared their respective pillars and mission and Shannon shared the history of the Bomber Girls being founded in 2007 as an All Female Motorcycle organization 501(c)3 non-profit sending care packages to troops and their mission:

Bomber Girls, LRC is a charitable organization of female motorcycle riders. We are an independent, unaffiliated, Ladies’ Riding Club. This sisterhood proudly supports our military personnel and their families. We choose to publicly voice this support by raising awareness and funds for local Veteran causes/charities/groups in our communities, with our main focus on sending care packages to deployed troops.

Patriotism is not just July 4th and Veterans Day. Patriotism is welcoming home and sending off deployed soldiers, writing them, and sending them pieces of home through our mailings. Our fundraisers are not exactly “normal” but they are FUN and they raise money to send our soldiers what they need to know… that there are people at home in the U.S. that care about each and every one of them.

We are a small group with HUGE responsibilities and keeping 100% of our proceeds from our events to go either into the postage or care package contents of our mailings is an admirable quality that each patch holder takes great pride in. Not very many non-profits can say that.

Having annual events for our local community is wonderful and rewarding, but more importantly having the Bomber Girls join us bringing their passion for serving, involving other motorcyclists, and challenging our members’ perspectives regarding motorcycle clubs, now our organizations are more vibrant, stronger, with a new excitement. I suggest you contact the Bomber Girls and join with them supporting Veterans. Bomber Girls L.R.C. Senoia