Motorcycle Riders are on the Roads

The 2016 Riding Season Begins


Hello Fellow Rider,

 This year motorcycle riders living in Georgia and most of the Southeastern United States, have appreciated the winter being relatively short and mild.

 I can say I rode my motorcycle on the last day of last year, and the first day of this year. I have been able to ride my motorcycle multiple days of every week this year. I even delivered some orders of Moto-Tec Products to our dealers on my motorcycle this month.

Delivering Product on my BMW

 This year I have been fortunate to be able to continue riding my motorcycle throughout the winter months. Unfortunately, most winters I am not able to ride as much as I would like. There have even been winters where I was unable to ride for an entire month.

My ability to ride as much and as consistently as I have this winter has brought to my attention some things to consider. In the past, when I was not riding as frequently as I have been recently, I was not always aware of how much muscle memory and core strength I had developed during the riding season. Riding a motorcycle requires balance, strength, and muscle memory which is developed over time and consistency. When we have not ridden recently or consistently we need to take extra caution as we begin to ride again.

I also realized that when I was riding more frequently I was much more intentional in my T.C.L.O.C.K.S and motorcycle maintenance schedule. This week I observed several riders out on their motorcycles and many of these riders were at gas stations filling up their gas tanks. I wondered to myself if they had taken the time to check the air pressure in their tires and a visual check of their motorcycle for safety.

With the new riding season starting I would like to suggest that you make a commitment to yourself to visually check your motorcycle before you ride. A great way to do this, with the added benefit of your motorcycle being clean with a shine. Here is our Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes video. Make the commitment to yourself that before each ride you will visually inspect your motorcycle as you use Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes  to “Wipe On” to clean and then “Wipe Off” to shine.

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See you on the “Open Road”,

Moto-Tec Tim