Does your scooter shine?

Attention Motor Scooter Owners!

Scoot and Shine Anytime, Anywhere!


    Do you remember when you first saw your scooter and you knew it had to be yours? The idea of having economical transportation that was also recreation for you was just too much to pass on. You purchased your first scooter.

You can ride your scooter to work, run a quick errand, or even take a weekend getaway. You can do all of these things with just a little planning.

Your scooter is almost maintenance free. All you really need to do is make sure there is gas in the tank, the tire pressure is correct, and off you go. The more you ride your scooter the better life is.

Having such a dependable mode of transportation was one of the benefits that drew you to your scooter. Do you remember the old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. When there is no “squeaky wheel” for us to oil, sometimes we forget or neglect the very things we know we should take care of.

The appeal of a scooter is often the aesthetics and the simplicity of its’ design. Scooter owners like not having the engine and the mechanical parts exposed. Scooters would rather see the lines and curves of the body. This lack of mechanical worries often comes with not preventing and maintaining the cosmetic appearance, the very first thing that caught your attention of your scooter.

Keeping your scooter looking good use to require a bucket and hose and all the hassle that goes with hand washing your ride. Sometimes these items are not readily available, or we just do not want to get  all the “stuff” together. What if you didn’t have all this hassle? All you needed was a soft  towel? How much more enjoyable would it be riding your scooter when it looked just like new?

personal experience

    You might be wondering how do I know these things? I know because I have experienced these issues. Believe me bringing back a shine to your scooter if you even can is a lot more work than maintaining a shine.

Remember when momma said, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

 You can have your scooter to shine:

  • Cleans and polishes at the same time

  • No water needed

  • works on paint, plastic, chrome, windshields

  • great for helmets and face shields

  • beads water

  • no fingerprints

  • no alcohol, no ammonia

  • environmentally friendly

  • nature-based

  • safe

  • fast

  • convenient


   “Our 1985 Honda Elite 150 after using the Ultra Gloss Scooter Wipes. We usually only use 1 wipe at a time.”   Tim and Jodi Smith


You can have your very own Scooter Wipes if you visit Vespa of Marietta, GA or Mooney Motorsports in Sandy Springs, GA. You get 4 individually packaged wipes, (it usually only requires one wipe to clean the average scooter) and a soft cloth in a re-closeable package. These are just right for your glove compartment or trunk.

You can order yours now for only $5.95 no shipping.

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If you do not begin today preventing the loss of your scooters’ shine, when will it be time? How much longer will your scooter look like new and shine without your help?

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