Do you want your motorcycle to Shine?

Do you want your motorcycle to shine?


   Fall is here and the daytime temperatures are cooler but with your riding gear on it is absolutely perfect. The leaves on the trees are changing colors and riding your motorcycle is like riding into a painting. You are riding roads with all these vibrant colors surrounding you and you just become part of the landscape.

  The mornings usually start with a light dew and it is not unusual to encounter a midday shower. At the end of the ride your motorcycle has the days accumulation of road grime and local insects and your motorcycle really needs to be washed.

By kickstands down the temperatures have dropped and your wonderful day has come to an end. You look at your motorcycle and you experience a twinge of pain as you see the dirt and grime as your bike has lost its shine.

You have had a great day and dragging out the hose is just not an option. You know you need to do something but what should you use? You don’t want to spend a couple hours making a product work.

I experienced a similar situation when I was in the mountains a couple of years ago in early October. A ride had just finished a mountain ride and the bikes were absolutely filthy and needed to be washed.  They didn’t have running water but they didn’t need it. Just the product and a soft clean cotton or microfiber towel. As more riders came in from the ride and they saw their fellow riders’ motorcycles already cleaned up and back to a showroom shine.

The ability to keep your motorcycle looking like new and maintaining the shine is not a one time treatment. We like to think we have layers of protection but every day that we add more and more grime and debris to our motorcycle we are compromising the surface.  We will frequently wash our bikes when the sky is blue and the sun is hot. We also need to wash our bikes in the fall and cooler months when we are still riding.

Having a product that cleans and shines your motorcycle at the same time is a real benefit. Having your cleaning products readily available and conveniently packaged is also a plus. When you can clean and shine your motorcycle anywhere you are without a lot of fuss you are more likely to keep your shine all the time. Having a product that:

  • works on paint, chrome, glass, plastic
  • windshields
  • beads water
  • no fingerprints
  • fast and convenient

When you can have more time to ride your motorcycle that shines it makes life really worth living. You can have this for just the small price of $5.95. We are paying the shipping.

      Sue says “That Moto-Tec Stuff is the best. Bike went from dirty to sparkling clean in 3o minutes.”

Sue and Dan Forrest, owners XtremeRider, Warm Springs, GA

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