National Recognition Day September 18, 2015

This Friday September 18, 2015 is National Recognition Day for our POWs/MIAs.
Recently this year the POW/MIA Flag was claimed by some, although a very few, to be offensive.
For the record these people offended me and many like me.
It amazes me how many people take for granted their freedom of speech, their individual rights, and their ability to disagree with and openly criticize the very organizations that protect these rights.
We as a country must stand with those that have stood for us in times of conflict. The men and women that have maintained and protected our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
This Friday make a personal commitment to attend and support your local POW/MIA Recognition Event. It is especially important at this time in our country when only 1% of our population is protecting the remaining 99%.

See you on the “Open Road”,
Moto-Tec Tim