Love your motorcycle?

I love my wife and I love my motorcycle. When people ask me how I am doing, my response involves both my relationship with my wife and my ability to still ride my motorcycle.
I usually say something to the affect I am on this side of the grass and, I woke up next to my beautiful wife and, I can still ride my motorcycle. When I put life through these lenses, I am truly a fortunate man.
This month we were vendors at the Great American Motorcycle Show in Atlanta, Georgia. During this event we had several conversations with customers regarding how to clean and detail motorcycles. The methods were vast as you can imagine. Some immediately identified their chosen brand, some said they never wash their motorcycles, others use whatever is available which included a window cleaner or a dusting spray, and some take their motorcycles to a car wash.
I have really been thinking on these answers and wanted to share some possible considerations for when you wash your motorcycle the next time.
You and I would both agree there are a lot of different cleaning and detailing products on the market from which to choose. Yes, Moto-Tec is part of that market. With that being said not all cleaners are equal. I believe it is important to read the label and know what you are using. Some products are very aggressive and some have harmful ingredients. All the various products have different applications and working instructions. I try to find products that reflect my values and meet my expectations. Our products are formulated in America. We desire to be the safest products for you and your motorcycle.
For those that say they never wash their motorcycle, I often question if they ever really do a visual inspection as a preventive maintenance or safety check. It just makes sense to me that when I wash my motorcycle I am inspecting it at the same time.
When I hear someone say they use window cleaner I cringe because of the various surface considerations. Moto-Tec products contain no alcohol or ammonia. Our Bike Wipes work great on windshields and face shields.
Then the one response that really had me thinking was being told they take it to the car wash. In the past I used to take my car to a car wash. That is until one day I went into my local self service car wash and the entire bay was covered in mud. This car wash captures water to be recycled. I can only imagine what could happen if the filtering process does not work. I have also encounter the times I wanted one cleaner and a different cleaner came out of the wand.(Tire cleaner instead of Soap) It is probably ok for a car, but all those exposed surfaces on a motorcycle cause me a little concern.
Here in Georgia the weather is always changing, I have my water hose put away and do not want to bring it out until a chance of freezing and bursting water pipes is over. This is another reason I use Moto-Tec products. Our Magic Wash, Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes and Shine Up Liquid – No Water Needed!
Have a great ride.