There is more to it then just riding motorcycles!

There is more to it than just riding motorcycles. When we decide to become a motorcyclist we have made the decision to be identified with our fellow riders. That is why we acknowledge other riders when we pass each other. Our unique wave, our acknowledgement of each other by our wave, is a sign of respect for our mutual decisions to ride motorcycles.
This identification with a group of fellow riders, in conjunction with our commitment to our community, with the addition of our loyalty to our friends is the beginning of this thing called a brotherhood. The foundation of a brotherhood comes from these things; identifying with the group, commitment to your community, loyalty to your members, and the last and most valued trait is the trust of your brother. This trust is not given, it is earned! This trust is what makes a brotherhood strong.
This brotherhood is also found in our military and in our first-responder communities. These communities very existence depends on brotherhood. This brotherhood is a concept foreign to many in our society today. Today we have idealist, theorist, and pragmatics but very few realist. The reality is that I need my brother to have my back. I can do much on my own, but with my brothers I can overcome everything life challenges me with.
Not long ago my local motorcycle community lost a brother in a motorcycle accident and our nation lost several brothers in arms to evil during an attack on American Values in Chattanooga, TN.
Here is a video that will make you proud of being an American!.

These family members and friends that were lost to death have been and are continuing to be honored by their family members’ brothers and this honoring never ends.
Not only do we never leave behind or forget a brother, we also do what we can for our brother’s family. That is part of being in the brotherhood.
Here is an example. If you notice, the last count of participants is 1020 riders. This makes me proud of being a part of the motorcycle community.
Please click on Skip Wells and then the benefit ride link.

Skip Wells Benefit Ride

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