Do you remember when….

Recently my best friend and I were sitting on my front porch enjoying a cold beverage and a little conversation.
During our time of relaxation and solving the world’s problems, our topics of discussion were frequently started with the question, “Do you remember when…?”

Front Porch

We reminisced about our parents, brothers and sisters, and the times we were children. We talked about raising our own families and recalled some of our many memories. We revisited the many adventures he and I shared over the years of our friendship. We even laughed about the times we found ourselves in less than complimentary situations. Our time of reflection progressed to sharing our hopes and dreams for our futures.

Two realities we both took away from rehashing our past were:

* we never have enough time
* it is the simple things you later appreciate.

These observations bring me to ask you this question:

If you can, why not use simple products that save you time?


See you on the “Open Road”

Moto-Tec Tim