Peace Officer Memorial Day

Friday, May 15 is Peace Officer Memorial Day!


Peace Officers Memorial Day is a time to remember the men and women of our Federal, State, and local law enforcement communities, that have given their lives in the line of duty.


Unfortunately, many in our country do not even know about this day. I believe that at this time in our country, it is as important as ever, that we both recognize this day and tell our friends and family of its significance.

For me this day is much more significant, please allow me to share my perspective.

My family has a history of military service. My Uncle Cliff and my father’s served in WWII. My brothers-in-law, Mark and John, served during Vietnam. My cousins and brother served in the 70’s, and I joined the Army in 1983. My nephews and nieces are now, or have served, in the military as well. Needless to say, we are a family of those whom have served their country in military service.

While in my late teenage years I found myself a mentor and friend. My mentor was the adult leader of The 8th U.S. Infantry Fife and Drum Corps of Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Dunfee, along with his two boys, founded this group out of his interest in military history along with a passion for music. Mr. Dunfee, while being the leader of this organization, was also a Detective with the Tucson Police Department. His connection with me, and the others of this group, was a significant part of our personal development.

My children’s great grandfather was the Chief of Police for St. Petersburg, Florida. Their grandfather was a Sherriff’s Deputy in Orlando. My father, after becoming a widower, married Agnes Sears. She had been a secretary with the F.B.I and her husband was an F.B.I agent, and special assistant to Hoover. John Sears was the senior agent in charge of the capture of Dillinger.

With my son currently serving his community as a Police Officer, along with a family history of community service, I would like for you to consider three words, Reputation, Character, and Integrity.

These three qualities are necessary for both the individual that serves his community, but also for the organization itself. These strengths, of both the individual and the organization, are also the very means by which this profession is being compromised.

Today, when someone has a disagreement with the legal system, the first reaction is to question the reputation of either the officer or the department.

Following the bringing of doubt, the next progression is to challenge the character of the individual or the leadership of the organization.

The final step in the process is to attack the integrity of both the individual and the organization.

The men and women that I have met, that have chosen a career of public service, have done so out of a sense of service. It is a career where personal safety is always at risk. Financial compensation is limited and secondary to the greater good. The clock does not determine when your day is complete. When a disaster happens or the public’s safety is at risk, you run into the chaos to save lives and make a difference.

We at Moto-Tec are honored to participate and support the activities of the Blue Knights. The Blue Knights International are Peace Officers that ride motorcycles.


Moto-Tec Tim