Moments, Minutes, and Miles!

Most all of us can recall one of our Ah hah moments. These are times in our lives that cannot be orchestrated or even manipulated into existence, they just happen.

These moments can come in times of great anticipation. Think of the time you had been preparing for your first ride of the season, or when you just received your bike back from repairs, or just purchased that new ride. The moment you swing your leg over the seat, place your feet on the ground and hit the throttle for the first time. Ah hah!

These times come when we least expect them. When I am riding first thing in the morning and feel the sun on my face, or the fresh scent of recently cut grass, or honeysuckle, or even that farm. Ah hah!

Sometimes the moments come following the ride when you’re off the bike and take a gaze of where you have arrived, or sitting and enjoying a beverage with fellow riders, these are ah hah moments.Thunderbird

The moments are only minutes of our lives. If we will take just a few minutes before and during our riding experiences we will certainly have more moments to share.

Before the ride take a minute and a personal inventory of your mental and physical health. Get your head clear. Think about the weather conditions, traffic and the environment you will be riding through.

While riding especially in a group, remind yourself of the two-second rule of spacing between you and rider staggered either to your right or left in front of you. The four-second rule of the rider directly in front of you, and the twelve second rule of things to come. These seconds are only fractions of a minute, but these rules will add to the moments of our lives.

Many of us have many miles on our motorcycles. Time on our motorcycles, along with accumulated miles do provide a foundation for safe riding. These accomplishments can also can foster a false sense of security.

In the airline industry the major airlines realized that pilots after a certain number of flying hours became complacent, and more mistakes were made with disastrous consequences. That is why pilots are required to spend time in flight simulators. The time in the simulator allows for the trainer to challenge the pilot, and remind him that there is no such thing as routine flying. Every flight is a new adventure. The same is true with every twist of the throttle!

So, please share some of your moments on our Facebook page for others to enjoy. Take that extra minute before your ride. Remember seconds add to moments, and enjoy the ride!

See you on the Open Road,

Moto-Tec Tim