What inspires you to ride?

The tag line for Moto-Tec is “Cleans * Shines * Inspires!” The first two words communicate our purpose; to provide cleaning and detailing products resulting in a beautiful shine. More importantly, the third word defines our motivation to be in business, to inspire others. So, what inspires you to ride?
I ask you this question only after I asked myself the same thing. I am going to ask you to share your answers, but first I will share my conclusions.
I ride because it makes me feel alive! When I ride first thing in the morning I am not distracted by being busy and I get to feel the bike almost becoming one, sense the road and the joy of being alive. When I get on my bike in the early morning for a relaxing ride, I get to take in all that nature has to offer; the sunrise, the feeling of the sun on my face, the early morning scents of freshness or sweet grass or honeysuckle, those first moments of the morning when the temperature changes with the rays of the sun. I like the same feelings later in the day when riding under the canopy of trees.
I ride because it makes me feel free. When I get on my motorcycle it reminds me of growing up in Arizona and riding horses in the desert and foothills. When we would ride horses we would saddle up and head out without a defined destination. The ride itself was the destination, our journey was the experiences we encountered. Sitting in the saddle you had to become one with the horse; to anticipate the next move, to fully embrace the terrain and the elements, to cross the streams, to navigate the inclines, to deal with the brush. I began to realize how much beauty is in the simple things of life, how majestic is creation and our being part of a much bigger world.
I ride because it allows me to be me. In my opinion the motorcycle community is one of the few areas in America today that promotes the ideals of liberty and personal responsibility. We all know that there could be consequences to riding motorcycles and yet we do this by choice. We ride to thrive, not merely exist. We know that we may not be understood by others, but that is alright. We believe in freedom and not only do we say it, we live it.
So I ask you to share, what inspires you to ride?

Moto-Tec Tim