Motorcycles, Motorcycles, Everywhere!

If you are fortunate enough to live in a region with mild weather, you probably are beginning to see motorcycles everywhere!

My wife and I were having a conversation the other day regarding spring, and how we are beginning to see more and more motorcycles.

Being part of the motorcycle community at this time of the year is especially rewarding. Every time I hear the rumble, or see the helmet of a rider, I must admit my heart beats a little faster. For me, it is like old friends have come out to play and the game is on. I certainly do not know all the riders, but being an active part of the community, I have a connection with each and every one.  If I am in a cage during these experiences it only makes me more desirous to get some wind therapy.

We are really extremely fortunate because our riding community here in Georgia made the decision not to discontinue meeting during the winter. We met weekly, although the attendance was light at times. We benefitted because the establishments we attended supported us even when our numbers were small. Most  businesses love events and activities when there are lots of customers and profits.

This brings me to my topic for the week. I am an active part of the motorcycle community. This is where I make my living. This is the community with whom I choose to identify. I am not an occasional participant nor am I an event opportunist.

What do I mean by occasional participant or event opportunist? This is the time of year when events, rallies and rides are beginning to be organized and come to date. I have noticed over the last couple of years that at many of these activities, there are vendors or businesses that usually do not support, or have any desire to engage the motorcycling community other than that specific occasion. My encouragement to you is to consider with whom you do business and where you spend your money.

Few of us are independently wealthy, I certainly am not. Many organizations and  businesses know of the motorcycle communities reputation for being a giving group, and one with discretionary income. Being part of the community I can attest to this being true. Most every weekend there is a local ride for the benefit of another, a total stranger most often, but that doesn’t matter. This is one aspect of the motorcycle community I really appreciate, the heart of a giver.  I just want to encourage all of us to consider the organizations we support. Where the money we invest is going to be spent. For me, local is best. This is true for organizations and individuals.

See you on the Open Road,

Moto-Tec Tim