Take the time before the ride!

The first opportunity to ride is great, but take the time before you ride to do a safety check. One of the first concepts taught in a riding course is to manage the risks of riding.
One of the strategies is the pre-ride checklist. The first item to check in the T.C.L.O.C.K.S list is tires and wheels.
Tires are a must, especially at this time of year. Yes we need to visually check our tires and wheels but we should also check the tire pressure. Yes- even if you have tire sensors on your bike.
We should all learn and understand how important our tires are to the quality of our experience. When you understand those small patches of rubber on each tire that meets the road, you become aware of the importance of correct tire pressure.
When our motorcycles have been sitting, this is a prime time for the pressure to change and the result is a change in how the motorcycle handles. The simple solution is to buy a tire gauge and check the pressure before you initially ride.
I have an air compressor so I can add air then and sometimes I do, but the first check is not always correct. You need to allow for the air inside the tire to come to temperature and then check the pressure again. I do this after my initial check and at the first opportunity within the first few miles of my ride. This allows for the temperature to come up and a more accurate reading. I promise an ounce of prevention and a few minutes of your time is a much better investment then the cure. A good adage to practice  is with temperature change check the tire pressure.
I would encourage you to do the remainder of the TCLOCKS checklist. This is part of the responsibility we take, to manage the risks, for a safe and enjoyable riding experience.
I am all about a clean and shiny motorcycle. But if it is not safe, shine will not keep you between the lines.

Moto-Tec-it Tim