Why Nature-Based

Moto-Tec Products begin with naturally occurring ingredients to meet our strict requirements to be Safe, Effective and Environmentally-Friendly. So many cleaning and detailing products today are manufactured chemicals and or petroleum distillates. When I look at some of the products on store shelves, I see warnings and hazard statements that are almost as lengthy as some of the prescription drug ads which we are inundated with daily. Personally when I hear some of the disclaimers, I think it better to just deal with the condition rather than the side effects. Sometimes we question if the safe and nature-based products work as well as those which we can manufacture. We must remember with many products today, they are only a synthetic of that which is found in nature. One of our customers offered this quote, “Your products do just what you said they would do. Great Stuff” Laurence Yaste. Aristotle said, In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.