How and Why to clean and shine?

When I began my career it started with formal training. My training was all about technique (How) and working with the concept that form always follows function. I was educated and trained with ideal situations in a controlled environment. Following my training, I worked in my chosen field and experienced professional growth and recognition. I then changed employers. My first technical trainer with the new company, whom I looked to as a mentor and later a friend, encouraged me to learn not only How a specific product worked but Why. My friend’s encouragement was extremely helpful and necessary. How does this translate to cleaning and detailing products you ask? Companies design products that work if the user follows the directions specifically and limits the products use to the applications specified. When cleaning an automobile there are different considerations then if cleaning a motorcycle, boat, or anything else. An automobile has limited surface concerns, while the others have multiple surface materials and limitations. Why the product works is based on the formulas and the surfaces to be cleaned or shined. Moto-Tec Products are designed to be safe for multiple surface applications. Some products utilize the ingredients while moist to remove debris or polish (Moto-Tec Magic Wash or Moto-Tec Super Wash) while others work as the ingredients dry and lift the debris from the surface to clean or polish (Moto-Tec Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes or Ultra Gloss Polish). When we learn not only How, but Why a product works for us we have the confidence to expect a consistent result.