Detailing and Cleaning Products = Surface Texture

Many of us will be heading out to the beach or lake this summer. Hopefully we will be riding our motorcycles and most likely we are going to clean or detail our bikes while on vacation. Time at the beach or lake is a great opportunity to observe the different areas contacting the water.  In the places where there are rocks, or trees or other rough surfaces, you will most likely see debris or trash accumulating or being snagged by the different formations contacting the water. This is a good example of how the surface texture contributes to remaining free from dirt and grime.  When you clean and shine a motorcycle you want to use cleaning and detailing products that are designed to leave a smooth surface. A surface that will limit dirt accumulation. You also are seeking a surface that is free of residual films after drying. These films will catch dirt and grime. Some products are petroleum distillates, the very substance we are trying remove. You also do not want any harsh chemicals that will break down the clear coat. This could  cause the surface to become rough, exactly what you are attempting to avoid. You want to use products that are designed to be streak free without excessive rinsing. If you cannot leave a fingerprint after cleaning and polishing your motorcycle,  you have a surface that is smooth and shines. Check out the video in the link below.