Scooter Wash? Wipe-On, Wipe-Off

Scooter Wash is a need for many who own scooters. Wipe-On, let dry to a haze, Wipe-Off! That is all it takes. Most scooter owners do not have access to water. Many do not want to deal with the sponge and bucket for a scooter wash. Scooter Wipes are designed to clean a dirty scooter. The cloth is non-woven. This means the grime and debris goes into the cloth and does not scratch the surface. The formula has carnauba from the Brazilian Palm tree, a little silicone, a polymer that will fill in micro scratches, and a jewelers polish. Wipe-on from high to low. Work from the windshield down and back. The wipes work on paint, chrome, glass or plastic. Wipe on and let dry to a haze. The haze is the jewelers polish lifting the debris off the surface. Then wipe off with a soft cloth. I like Microfiber but a soft terry cloth works great. When you wipe on and let dry completely the surface shine. Usually after wiping off the jewelers polish you cannot even leave a fingerprint. The silicone will bead up water and the shine is inspiring. The surface allows for a faster clean the next time and bugs just rinse off. The product is safe for you and the entire scooter. Nature-Based and Environmentally Friendly. When you are done with the scooter how about your helmet. This product will clean and shine the outside of your helmet. The product works great on face shields as well. No face shield no loss. Use this on your eye glasses as well.  Wipe-on, let dry to a haze, Wipe-Off. Your glasses will be cleaner then ever. If you want to bump the shine of the Scooter Wipes try our Shine Up Liquid. So enjoy the day and take a scoot.


We will be at the Atlanta Rally again this year.