Let the product work for you, not you work the product!

Summer is here and many of us are taking on special projects that require cleaning and preparation. One of the many lessons I have learned in life is regarding tools. It is well known that “A great craftsman never blames his tools.” This is true. What is also true, is a craftsman has learned how to best use his tools. The craftsman has learned what his tools can do, and what they cannot do. This is so very important. This is something for us to apply in our everyday lives. Learning to let a product or tool work for you, instead of you working the product/tool is the key to working less. An example of this is you can use most anything as a hammer, but most often the end result is not your desired outcome.(bent nails, surface dings, bloody knuckles, being frustrated)
Nature has many examples of natural forces at work. Here is but one example. It is a picture of a waterfall from a spillway. Over time this waterfall has eroded the earth by the waters motion, and the result is a cascading affect.
Vogel Waterfall
What does this mean for me? It means for the greatest chance of success I need to have the right tool for the job. You can cut corners and possible save a few cents. This might be true.
Some questions you might want to consider. What is your time worth? What is your energy worth? Does this tool/product provide the satisfaction I desire? Is this tool or product designed for the job I am about to begin? If not, you might want to consider seeking out the right product/tool for your greatest chance for success. This is an example of Knock Out from Moto-Tec. Sprayed it on the surface, let it work, wiped it off.
Knock Out 2