Inspired to Ride- Destinations and Friends

The Moto-Tec tag line is Cleans, Shines, Inspires. We do believe that a clean motorcycle inspires us to ride more. It also inspires others to get their bike out and ride. When we spend time cleaning and detailing our motorcycle we have the opportunity to make that all important visual check of our bike. It is another opportunity to make sure we are keeping our maintenance up. For me personally following a great ride, when I am cleaning my bike it is a chance to re-live the ride and anticipate the next one.
The riding experience is why we all own motorcycles. But there is more to being part of the motorcycle community then just riding. The time we spend with fellow riders is just as important as the ride itself. We can dodge that bird, or take that awesome cure scrapping our pegs. But if we do not have the chance to share our experiences with others something is lost. I myself love to ride at a leisurely pace during the week when no one else is on the roads. Riding with others during an event or destination ride, the experience is only magnified. Both of these rides are important for us all to experience on a regular basis. The camaraderie following a ride gives us fuel for the next ride, but also inspires others.
This past weekend we were supporting a ride at a local establishment. The ride was for a child that needed treatment and we were raising funds to fill the gaps in coverage. The motorcycles were there and the turnout was awesome. The riders all had a great time and once again had a sense of purpose. In addition to the riders there were friends and others who wanted to support the event. I had a chance to speak with two couples that had come out to support the family because they were neighbors. Not one of the four rode or had ever ridden a motorcycle. They had the perception that motorcycle riders were rowdy and only concerned with themselves. These four people were forever changed by the experience this past weekend. They were overwhelmed with the motorcycle community but more importantly, they met members of the community during the fellowship following the ride. They met a variety of individuals that really loved their community and desired to make a difference by giving back to others.
I learned last year that the majority of dollars donated to fight breast cancer is donated by a person that rides a motorcycle. One of the groups with whom I ride, all the monies raised go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I also ride with the American Legion Riders and the monies we raise goes to Veterans in our local community.
The destination is the ride! The people with whom you share it, is the journey!