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Moto-Tec-it sponsors Gig Business Group

Everything is about the economy! Brick and Mortar stores were the traditional economy. Digital Platforms then became the new economy, was one. With the recent advancements in technology and communications, a Gig Economy is possible. Economists predicte 40% of the population will be earning a living by gigging in 2020.

Customers use products having personally experienced the results. Dealers will offer products knowing what the products will do for their customers. For Moto-Tec-it to grow, more motorcycle owners need  to experience the results for themselves. Helping customers who want to earn extra money enter into the Gig Economy is one way we can expand our message.

Our customers are passionate about motorcycles. Most of them are working or recently retired. We have been told by our customers, if they could match their passion (motorcycles) and make some extra money, they would jump at the opportunity.

We listened, we responded

Gigging began long before it was named. In the beginning, gigging was mainly musician-based. When experiencing economic hard times the general public began to seek ways to make some extra cash. Now big business has embraced, endorsed, and expanded the Gig Economy.

A major benefit of the Gig Economy is it’s an option for everyone. You can gig everywhere to make some extra money. There is no limit to what you do, no ideal gig, anything is an option. How much or how little you gig is up to you. Where and when you gig, is up to you. Gigging is complete freedom.

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