Beginning a Gig, Growing a Business

Passion never Obligation

“Work can be a place for grown-ups to have fun.”

My Dad taught me so much, laying the foundation for a successful life, which sadly I realized later in life. My mom would say, “Your Father never meets a stranger.” This is an area of my life in which I am like my dad.

The reason I never meet a stranger is I have had diverse life experiences. I have lived in different countries, experienced different cultures, and have worked a lot of different jobs. My first job was pumping gas, followed by food service, retail, and manual labor work. The hardest job I worked was in a Buggy Shop making leaf springs. I also have a technical education becoming a Dental Laboratory Technician and an academic degree in Education and Sociology. I attribute my career success to education, both in the classroom and on the job.

Necessary Reflection

My work experience allowed me to decide what I did and did not like to do. Some things I have done were fun for the short term, but long term I would dread going to work. Some jobs were great – for a young man but getting older life would be hard.

When my children were entering the work force one of my boys loved playing music. I encouraged him to consider pursuing something in the music field. His response,”Dad, I do not want my relaxation to become work”. Words of wisdom.

It is often expected of school teachers to naturally serve in church or community functions as nursery or children workers. Their passion for kids should never be an obligation to fill a position. This is true for a GIG.

Opportunity does not equal obligation

When choosing to gig make sure it is truly something you enjoy. When gigging while doing something you enjoy, something that recharges you emotionally and renews your energy you will truly thrive. The best way to describe this is to gig out of passion not obligation.

Working a gig into a business the gig must meet three criteria to be successful, a fourth to be financially over the top. Your gig must be manageable. It is always to better to do nothing than to do something poorly. Gigging must be profitable for it to turn into a business. Some people gig because they enjoy their gig. This is often the exception not the rule. For a gig to become a business it must be sustainable. Doing something once is usually not that difficult. Doing something over and over again becomes a challenge. When a gig becomes scale-able and now others are working for you, that is when a gig business is over the top.

Your friend,

Moto-Tec-it Tim