A New Year provides an opportunity for a New Career!

Hope is not a Strategy

Out with the old, in with the new. This is the time of year when many of us take inventory. Inventory of our lives, finances, dreams, and goals.

This past year provided my wife and me challenges with blessings to match. We entered the new year spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically healthy and strong. We were entering our eleventh year of marriage. Our past challenges had never caused a rift or even a crack in our relationship. We both attribute this to our mutual faith and desire to honor God in all things.

We had taken time at the end of 2016 to plan for 2017. Early into the year, my wife experienced some dental issues. With busy schedules, the dental issue developed into a health issue. In January our car needed extensive repairs. It was time to consider taking on a car payment. In February our septic system backed up requiring extensive repairs and money. We decided to fix our car since we had to pay for the septic system. We had the mechanical repairs made to the car only to find the convertible top would cost between 3 and 4 thousand dollars to replace. Now a new car was not a desire but a need. Two weeks later my vehicle needed a new engine. We were still optimistic having a truck we used to pull our camping trailer and of course our motorcycles. Well, my motorcycle’s maintenance bill was over $1000.00. Soon after having my motorcycle fixed the truck’s transmission began to slip. Our vehicles had become our financial challenge.

The Blessing of multiple revenue streams

Fortunately, my wife was employed as an Instructional Coach at a school. We owned Moto-Tec-it.com and I had some GIG’s. I did special jobs constructing a teaching garden at my buddy’s farm. Mike, my buddy, had taught me how to install drip irrigation systems which I did as a subcontractor. I began growing Shiitake Mushrooms in January which brought in some cash in the fall. Then the school where my wife worked needed a substitute teacher.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Having a job or owning a business does not always provide the finances needed at a specific time. Having multiple streams of income is a blessing and a need. When the job ends, retirement comes, the paychecks stop. I do not believe anyone can save enough money to retire young and live as long as people are today. I know several people who have outlived their savings. Savings are necessary and definitely a start. Having a means of consistent income is the secret. Make it your goal to begin a GIG in 2018.

Your Friends,

Mike and Tim