What could your GIG look like in just 5 years

Time is the Multiplier

There is a Bamboo plant that is absolutely amazing and a great metaphor or anyone wanting to begin a GIG, start a business or achieve success in any given field.

The bamboo plant requires a dedicated individual with a consistent and persistent mindset. This particular Bamboo plant must be planted then provided consistent maintenance. The plant begins  as a seed, then the planter must water the plant daily while ensuring  no weeds or other plants begin to grow near or around the plant itself. The process takes more than four and a half years of maintenance without a sign of growth or success. Then in just 5 weeks the plant will grow to record heights reaching almost 90 feet.

12 months verses 5 years

What can we learn from this simple Bamboo Plant. Bill Gates has said most business people overestimate what they can achieve in twelve months yet they neglect to realize what they can achieve in 5 years.

Starting a Gig, business or any new position requires a growth mindset coupled with the determination to continue through whatever comes until the goal is reached.

Begin with a business plan of one, three and five years. These are benchmarks and objectives to be reached. A business plan is an evolving document which should be referenced quarterly and modified when needed. The strength of a GIG or Small Business is the flexibility and ability to make corrections and adjustments in short periods of time when necessary. Often a business will develop a plan only to put it away never to look at it again. I suggest to look at your plan and make adjustments on a quarterly basis. Your present situation is also changing although your values remain constant.

If your GIG is one without much personal interaction I suggest joining a group of like mined individuals. I myself attend a lot of activities through my local Chamber of Commerce. I also have friends who are in business whom I can reach out to for advice and use as a sounding board.

The GDP and consumer confidence numbers are in. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. The expert was once a beginner, big business began as a small business. Let’s enjoy the ride together.

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