Building and growing your business

Working the business

Business owners wear many hats. People starting a GIG soon learn how much time and energy is spent completing activities never anticipated. The GIG is the fun and easy part – getting to the point of doing our gig – is the challenge. This is why the Gig Business Group exists.

Having been there, done that as business owners – we are here to encourage you! When I was starting out, fortunately, I listened to a Ted Talk with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  My take away was people over-estimate what they can accomplish in 12 months while underestimating what they will accomplish in 5 years and  keep your lifestyle simple no matter your success. I remind myself of these two principles daily.

Working in our business

Starting out in business our focus is getting our GIG going. We do what we must to begin doing business as soon as possible often running before we walk. Our focus is on results without considering the foundation of a profitable, manageable, sustainable business or gig. Soon, we find ourselves busy, stressed, and tired, even making money without considering if we are profitable.

Working on our business

Never feel guilty for not working in your business! This is a lesson I had to learn. It is a very different perspective to work on your business, not in your business. Working on your business allows you to make objective decisions after considering all your options. Then you are able to plan for the future while creating the lifestyle you desire.  Your desired lifestyle was probably the reason you began doing your gig.

Your Friend,

Moto-Tec-it Tim

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