Work does not have to be a burden to endure

A Place for Grownups

Work can be a place for grownups to play while earning a living.

People work to earn a living. Making friends while having fun, work can become like the playground of our childhood. Remember playgrounds? There were some playgrounds where I never wanted to play. The work place can be similar. But the right playground with friends can make a day fun and rewarding.

Gigging can be the same. I myself have multiple gigs in different work environments. I grow Shiitake Mushrooms, Substitute teach, work on special projects, all while running a business and ministry. Why, because variety is the spice of life.

When I first began to work I had to clock in and clock out every day. My next real job was in management where hours never match the paycheck. Working in sales time and compensation were closely related. My sales position also required a lot of windshield time and nights away from home.¬†Owning a business I determine my time and the government gets what’s left after expenses.

Working a GIG I choose the What, Who, When, Where and How Much. What gig I will do. Who I will gig for. When I will work my gig. Where I am willing to go. How much I will make when I choose to GIG. Now isn’t that the ultimate playground for adults?

Your friend,

Moto-Tec-it Tim