P.U.E (Pet Urine Eliminator)Dog pee and dog urine smell can be removed. P-U-E (Pet Urine Eliminator) optimizes natural enzymes to remove dog pee from carpets, wood, fabric, linoleum, vinyl, and cement.

“We were living in an apartment with our dog. When we moved out our pet deposit was returned. The apartment staff could not tell a dog had been living with us even after pulling back the carpet. P.U.E. even worked on our couch where our infant had an accident” M. Swann
“I found an old pet bed in the basement that had dog pee smell. I spayed it with P-U-E and placed it outside for the day. When the dog bed dried the odor was gone.” D. Miles
“Fostering rescued dogs my carpet had dog pee smell. I worried we would have to replace our carpeting. Your product saved the day.” Piper




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