Dogs and Puppies

My wife and I are dog people. When we met, Jodi had Dakota, a dachshund mix, and I had Brutus, a boxer-shepherd and Lil-bit, a terrier/beagle mix. We like having the companionship and comfort a family dog brings into a home.

Blending two families and households into one requires planning, time, and patience. When members of the two families are a family dog, “man’s best friend,” they too have to have time to adjust to their new home.

Needless to say, during this time anxiety is elevated, territory is being established and accidents happen. During the initial blending of our families, Dakota had accidents and sometimes would pee in the house as a way to seek attention. We realized her issue and put strategies in place to correct her anxiety and behavior, but we needed a solution to eliminate the odor and residue.

There are many different products available but not all products are equal. Some products mask the odor, others require several steps, many leave a chemical smell.

Having a family member whose father is a chemist gave us an advantage. His father formulated P-U-E (Pet Urine Easyclean) for our company Moto-Tec. Pet Urine Easyclean is unique because it contains a natural enzyme digestant and deodorant.

To use P-U-E simply blot the spot then spray. Pet Urine Easyclean, P-U-E, is available in two pleasant scents, Apple Blossom or Lavender Vanilla.

Over time our dogs matured, and with age accidents happen. Fortunately, we had the solution to the problem with P-U-E.

A couple of years later we adopted a new family companion together, Conrad. Conrad was a beautiful German Shepherd. He was as smart and loving as he was beautiful. Later in life he became very anxious and would dribble, again we had the solution with P-U-E

This Christmas, we adopted a German Shepherd puppy named Bisbee, after Bisbee, Arizona. When we first got him at 8 weeks he did have a few accidents. Luckily we had the solution, Pet Urine Easyclean to help.  We took the time to be intentional with training while P-U-E eliminated the odor and residue.   He is now 17 weeks old and is fully house trained.

Simply Blot the Spot, Then Spray

P-U-E (Pet Urine Easyclean) is nature-based, safe, and easy to use. The formula contains an enzyme digestant and deodorant. Simply blot the spot then spray. P-U-E is your solution if you have a new puppy, a mature or anxious companion, or when fostering or rescuing man’s best friend.