P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator)

Love Your Pet, Not the Odor.

PUE Conrad

Conrad and Budreau are members of our family but they have their “issues”.
You might have a pet with similar “issues”. Conrad gets nervous and Budreau is getting up in years. Our pets are house broken and their accidents are not daily, but when they happen what is our solution?

When accidents happen, having the safe solution to the problem really eliminates a lot of stress and worries. Not having to worry about harming our pets or damaging the furniture and carpet are a great relief.
P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) is a nature-based product with active enzymes which eliminates the uric acid and does not just mask the odor.
Several pet groomers use P.U.E on their clients bedding, in their crates, and even in their own homes for those accidents.
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