Puppies for Christmas

Puppies for Christmas!

Puppies are fun, but not their accidents!


Giving a puppy as a present for Christmas brings excitement anticipation and joy. Puppies are so cute, so playful, so full of energy and fun. Puppies bring us a lot of joy and laughs and yes, even a few moments when we wonder if getting a puppy was a good idea.

You will remember these moments I promise. Maybe your cute puppy will get into the trash and have such fun experiencing all the new smells, tastes, and different things to play with throughout your house. Maybe your puppy will find the laundry and chew on your socks, or shirts, or even your UN-mentionables.

There will be times when you loose sight of your puppy for just a second, or you are only a minute late and a “wet spot” or “accident zone” appears.

Possibly your family dog begins “marking” their territory when you bring your new puppy home.

You know your puppy will be a blessing to the family once the puppy stage is over.

personal experience


You might be wondering how did I know these things? Because one Christmas we gave our youngest child a puppy for Christmas. Our new puppy brought our family a lot of excitement. The anticipation of our youngest child getting the puppy he wanted was exciting! The joy of that Christmas morning was beyond words.

We found a solution for those “accidents” that works. A formula that actually “breaks down” the uric acid and does not just mask the odor but eliminates it. We would give some of the formula to our  friends when they shared with us their struggles and issues with their companions. Our friends were surprised that we had similar issues with our dogs. They were surprised because they did not know, could not tell, because there was no odor.

When you use this product for yourself you will find is works on:

  • Pet Bedding

  • Carpets

  • Wood

  • Vinyl

  • Linoleum

  • Concrete


When you get your own P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) those accidents and mishaps will not be as trying as they are before knowing you have the solution. Our friend Piper who is the founder of Healing4Heroes, a non-profit organization that adopts dogs from shelters and trains  them with a Veteran who needs a service dog told us “P.U.E saved her from having to replace here upstairs carpeting and her husband was very grateful”.

We have local Pet Resorts and Dog Groomers in the Newnan, Georgia and Peachtree City area offering P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) to their customers because they themselves use it in their business and love it. You can order your P.U.E right now, right here, for only $10.95 for 32oz. This is less than what you pay at the big pet box Stores.

If you are wondering if it really works and if now is the time to get it I can only say it worked for us and we have not had a complaint. If you can save a dog bed, or your carpet like Piper has. Piper would tell you it was well worth it and she still buys it today.

Pet Urine Eliminator P.U.E. only $10.95