Dirty Hands-No Water? No Problem

Do you ever have dirty, greasy, grimy, or smelly hands with no immediate or convenient way to wash them?  I have, as have many of my friends, co-workers, and family members.

My friends, Mike and Judy, are the owners of Country Gardens Farm in Newnan, Georgia.  During the day, Judy may be planting or harvesting vegetables in their garden and Mike may find himself doing maintenance or repairing farm equipment when their hands become dirty or greasy with no sink to wash them. Their solution?  Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.  Not only does it clean their hands from the dirt and grease, but it also conditions them at the same time.  Gardeners and farmers, who work the soil, know how dry their hands can get and appreciate the skin conditioning Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner provides.

Have you experienced dirty hands with no convenient hand washing available? I have and a wipe just didn’t suffice especially since my hands were greasy or grimy. The solution?  Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.  A recent example was I was at a community BBQ and we were smoking meat.  Clean hands were necessary, yet running water was not easily accessible. Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner cleaned our hands by removing the dirt and grease. All enjoyed the BBQ.

My wife and I love to go camping and fishing. Both of these experiences provide opportunities for our hands to get dirty, grimy, and even smelly.  The solution?  Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.  We keep a bottle of it in our camper and car for an easy and effective way to clean our hands.

Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner, “hard on dirt, grease, grime, easy on the hands”, is ideal for home, work, on the jobsite, or while enjoying the outdoors.