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Parks, Adventures, Picnics

Parks, Adventures, Picnics

Living in Georgia has many advantages which is why we proudly call Georgia our home. One of these advantages is the opportunity to experience a variety of activities and adventures available in the many Georgia State Parks, County Parks, National Forests, Corp of Engineer Facilities, and Georgia Power Facilities and Campgrounds.

The best thing about experiencing the great outdoors is that adults have the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and stress of life, children engage their imaginations, families have fun making memories together, with everyone getting close to nature experiencing the natural rhythm of life.

The many parks and facilities offer the opportunity to visit historical locations, play golf, horseback riding, wilderness adventures, conference centers, cabins, camping, fishing, boating, playgrounds, and pavilions for family picnics and group events and celebrations.

My wife and I love to camp, fish, breathe in the fresh air, become mesmerized by the dancing flames of a campfire, relax, and watch our puppy play and experience the different environment and many new scents.

One of the items we always have in our car, truck, and camper is Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner. While visiting a park, walking or training our puppy, traveling, camping, fishing, or anytime we want to wash our hands even when water isn’t available, without using alcohol or harsh chemicals, we use Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.

 If you plan to visit a park, walk or train a dog, go camping or fishing, experience the outdoors, travel, or ever find yourself needing to wash your hands without water available, using alcohol or harsh chemicals, having a bottle of Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner makes life easy.

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Timing is Everything, Patience!

Timing is Everything, Patience!

These are the words my father said to me many times during my youth. This advice is as true today as it was when he first shared it with me more than 50 years ago.

So often we act before thinking or we react to a situation without considering the consequences. This is true in many aspects of life, which if we would only take a moment before taking action, we would avoid the consequences of impulsivity.

Technology has trained us to expect immediate results which are unrealistic in much of life. Gardening and fishing are two prime examples where immediate results just don’t happen. It has been said if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In the military, slow is fast and fast is slow. True success takes planning, time, endurance, and often a little luck.

Going camping requires planning for the time of year, location, weather changes, and the activities you plan to participate in. We enjoy spending our time outdoors, experiencing the area and fishing. We always take a bottle of Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner to use when we fish, before we cook or when we find ourselves without running water to wash our hands. For those of us living in Georgia it currently feels like spring. Last week my wife and I traveled to St. Mary’s, Georgia for our February camping trip at one of our favorite places, Crooked River State Park. The weather was wonderful, setting record highs for this time of year.  With the change in weather so changed the environment. The gnats were as excited for spring as we were. Having planned for warmer than expected weather we packed spring clothes and I had taken a large fan to help move the air. The fan running combined with the smoke of a campfire allowed us to enjoy our time at our campsite. The gnats didn’t appreciate either of them.  Although it feels like spring, those of us who have lived in Georgia know cold weather and a frost could sneak back in up until mid-April.

The warm weather has many of us thinking of fresh tomatoes, corn on the cob and all the wonderful summer favorite vegetables. Gardeners Beware! It is a great time to plan your summer garden, and plant your cool weather crops like collards, kale, or broccolli. Planting your summer vegetables may be a bit too soon. My friend Mike of Country Gardens Farm has taught me it is time to plant your summer garden when the White Oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear.

So, whether you are camping, gardening, fishing, or enjoying the outdoors, when it comes to washing dirty, grimy, or greasy hands having a bottle of Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner makes the task just a little easier.



Your Purchase Makes The Difference

Your Purchase Makes The Difference

Our lives have been forever changed in so many ways since Covid19. Many of us self quarantined or were required to work from home. Some lost their jobs while others had no choice and had to make the best of a bad situation. The pandemic affected how we worked, shopped, and lived, affecting every aspect of our daily routines. 

Most of us have come through the pandemic with a renewed desire to connect with friends and family, to begin again to live life in our new normal. Employers are encouraging employees to return to work, camping and traveling is setting records, restaurants are busy, local small businesses are open.

Small business owners invest their time, energy, money, and future into their business. There is no second option, bailout or contingency for small businesses. When you choose to make a purchase supporting a small business you are making an investment in your community, the family of the business owner, and their employees.

If you enjoy camping, fishing, gardening, or enjoy the outdoors, Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner is available to purchase at your local hardware store, garden center, or farm supply store in Georgia. Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner is also available at 411 River Rest Campground in Murray County, Oconee Springs in Putnam County, Cloudland Canyon and FDR Georgia State Parks. Thank you in advance for supporting us and your local small businesses.


Dogs and Puppies

Dogs and Puppies

My wife and I are dog people. When we met, Jodi had Dakota, a dachshund mix, and I had Brutus, a boxer-shepherd and Lil-bit, a terrier/beagle mix. We like having the companionship and comfort a family dog brings into a home.

Blending two families and households into one requires planning, time, and patience. When members of the two families are a family dog, “man’s best friend,” they too have to have time to adjust to their new home.

Needless to say, during this time anxiety is elevated, territory is being established and accidents happen. During the initial blending of our families, Dakota had accidents and sometimes would pee in the house as a way to seek attention. We realized her issue and put strategies in place to correct her anxiety and behavior, but we needed a solution to eliminate the odor and residue.

There are many different products available but not all products are equal. Some products mask the odor, others require several steps, many leave a chemical smell.

Having a family member whose father is a chemist gave us an advantage. His father formulated P-U-E (Pet Urine Easyclean) for our company Moto-Tec. Pet Urine Easyclean is unique because it contains a natural enzyme digestant and deodorant.

To use P-U-E simply blot the spot then spray. Pet Urine Easyclean, P-U-E, is available in two pleasant scents, Apple Blossom or Lavender Vanilla.

Over time our dogs matured, and with age accidents happen. Fortunately, we had the solution to the problem with P-U-E.

A couple of years later we adopted a new family companion together, Conrad. Conrad was a beautiful German Shepherd. He was as smart and loving as he was beautiful. Later in life he became very anxious and would dribble, again we had the solution with P-U-E

This Christmas, we adopted a German Shepherd puppy named Bisbee, after Bisbee, Arizona. When we first got him at 8 weeks he did have a few accidents. Luckily we had the solution, Pet Urine Easyclean to help.  We took the time to be intentional with training while P-U-E eliminated the odor and residue.   He is now 17 weeks old and is fully house trained.

Simply Blot the Spot, Then Spray

P-U-E (Pet Urine Easyclean) is nature-based, safe, and easy to use. The formula contains an enzyme digestant and deodorant. Simply blot the spot then spray. P-U-E is your solution if you have a new puppy, a mature or anxious companion, or when fostering or rescuing man’s best friend.


Do You Know Your Local Experts?

Do You Know Your Local Experts?

My father was an advocate for developing relationships within his local community. He never met a stranger, had many friends to whom he remained loyal, until his passing. Our dad wanted his family to learn from his experiences and attempted to pass on to us the lessons he learned. 

Our dad would always encourage me and my brother when we moved into a new community to introduce ourselves to the local banker, pharmacist, and barber. 

I would add a few “experts” to my dad’s suggestions which I will explain later.

My father’s career was in accounting so he knew the importance of having a local financial advisor with whom we could discuss buying a home, car, or local investment opportunities.

Getting to know the local pharmacist was also important to our dad. He would say, “Your pharmacist knows who are the best doctors:” I followed his advice and it actually saved my life. I had received a new prescription and my pharmacist, who I would engage in casual conversations with while waiting, asked me if I was taking a previously prescribed medication which I was not. He informed me if I took both prescriptions together it could be fatal.

Today, it can be difficult to find a local barber shop or hair salon but most communities have them. Your local barber shop is aware of the pulse of the community. Customers share with their barber what is happening in their families’ lives which often include community activities and events. I continue to follow my dad’s advice adding two more local experts.

An important resource often missed or overlooked due to the big box stores is your local hardware store. Many hardware stores are locally-owned small businesses with a depth of expertise you will not find in a box retailer. The store owners know their existence depends on their customers having success completing the projects and repairs the first attempt or at least with minimal challenges. Most hardware store employees have personal experience with greater knowledge of what to do and how to achieve a successful outcome.

Another resource for expert advice is your local plant nursery or farm and feed store. Having a nice yard does not happen by chance, eating healthy begins with locally grown food when possible. Your local nursery can offer advice on what plants, bushes, or trees are best for your yard and they often sell transplants for a garden. Your local farmer will often sell what they grow or raise though a farmstand. The local farm and feed store is also a resource for plants, produce, and pet supplies.

Getting to know and supporting your local businesses is personally beneficial and rewarding. The benefit of having someone to go to who has experience and expertise is comforting. Knowing with every purchase you are supporting families within your community has a value which cannot be measured.


Dirty Hands-No Water? No Problem

Dirty Hands-No Water? No Problem

Do you ever have dirty, greasy, grimy, or smelly hands with no immediate or convenient way to wash them?  I have, as have many of my friends, co-workers, and family members.

My friends, Mike and Judy, are the owners of Country Gardens Farm in Newnan, Georgia.  During the day, Judy may be planting or harvesting vegetables in their garden and Mike may find himself doing maintenance or repairing farm equipment when their hands become dirty or greasy with no sink to wash them. Their solution?  Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.  Not only does it clean their hands from the dirt and grease, but it also conditions them at the same time.  Gardeners and farmers, who work the soil, know how dry their hands can get and appreciate the skin conditioning Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner provides.

Have you experienced dirty hands with no convenient hand washing available? I have and a wipe just didn’t suffice especially since my hands were greasy or grimy. The solution?  Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.  A recent example was I was at a community BBQ and we were smoking meat.  Clean hands were necessary, yet running water was not easily accessible. Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner cleaned our hands by removing the dirt and grease. All enjoyed the BBQ.

My wife and I love to go camping and fishing. Both of these experiences provide opportunities for our hands to get dirty, grimy, and even smelly.  The solution?  Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.  We keep a bottle of it in our camper and car for an easy and effective way to clean our hands.

Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner, “hard on dirt, grease, grime, easy on the hands”, is ideal for home, work, on the jobsite, or while enjoying the outdoors.


A New Year Brings New Opportunities

Greetings and thank you to all our customers who have supported Moto-Tec-it for the past 10 years!

We exist because of your product loyalty while supporting a Veteran and Woman-owned business providing Made in America, Nature-based clean & shine products.

Our goal is to make it as easy, convenient, and cost effective as possible for you to continue to use our products.

With these goals in mind, we are proud to share with you an update and new opportunities for 2023.

                    State of Georgia Vendor/Supplier

Moto-Tec is honored to be approved as a State of Georgia Supplier as of October 2022. Our first order was for a case of Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.

New Opportunities for 2023

We are expanding our current dealer network in Georgia of local small businesses to include Hardware Stores, Farm and Feed Stores, Garden Centers, Campgrounds, Pet Stores, Dog Groomers, and Powersport Suppliers.


Having a local business providing our products, in addition to the option of purchasing on, makes it easier and more convenient for our customers, while they are able to support their local community and a small business.

We value you because your loyalty is why we are still in business after 10 years.

With these new opportunities our retail pricing will be the same or less than last year.

King regards,

Moto-Tec Tim


Boys and Their Toys

Boys and Their Toys

Boys and Their Toys

In 2012 attending a motorcycle rally in the North Georgia Mountains a man told me a story I will never forget.

We were attending the rally selling our Moto-Tec-it cleaning and detailing products when a new customer began to share his story from earlier in the week.

He was in his driveway washing his motorcycles when his 10 year old neighbor asked him a question.

Boy: “Mister why do you have so many motorcycles?”

Man: “Do you play with the same toy every day?”

Boy: “Oh no I have a lot of toys I play with.”

Man: “Why don’t you play with the same toy every day?”

Boy:  “Because that would be boring and no fun.”

Man: “That is the same reason why I have different motorcycles. I can ride a different one when I want. Each is different even though they might look the same. I am able to ride a different one when I want having fun and not be bored.”

Boy: “Oh, I really like your motorcycles.”

This story stuck we me because as we grow older we often lose perspective about things and living life to the fullest.

A New Perspective

Each of us has things it is part of life. The question is do we have things or do our things have us? When we are bond to things, whatever they may be, we miss the chance to experience new perspectives and true joy without guilt.

Buying anything brand new is a joy in itself. Soon when the newness wears off, the commitment remains and can become a burden. My dad always taught me “to keep my options open” which is why I always buy used cars and motorcycles.

When I was younger the first motorcycle I bought in 1977 was a Honda 550/4. Later I rode a Harley Sportster and a Triumph Bonneville.

My son began riding in 2011 which is when I caught the bug again Here is his 1967 Triumph Bonneville.

2011 I bought a blast from the past, a Yamaha 1979 XS1100.

2012 we needed a camping scooter so we added a 1979 Honda Elite 150

2013 I found a new toy, a 2001 BMW R1150GS

2014 we decided we need a bike to demo our Made in U.S.A detailing and cleaning products. 1979 Triumph Thunderbird.

Like my friend in the story, I like different toys because they bring different joys. I am looking at a Royal Enfield      as my next ride to take with us when we go camping. My toys are wonderful, but the fun and joy they bring only lasts so long.

Life’s Challenges

What happens when we can’t ride because of health, finances, or a pandemic?  This is when life becomes real. We begin to assess what is truly important, what lasts and that which is only glitter.

In 2012 during surgery the doctors had to preform maneuvers to revive me. Fortunately I had learned long ago not to focus only on that which the sun shines, but on the one Son, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Following this event when driving home my wife made the statement, “I could have driven home as a widow”. Her statement clarified our new reality, our lives were forever changed.

It was a few days later when we began to make changes in our life after looking at our monthly obligations and where we were spending the majority of our time and money. We downsize our home and expenses by more than two thirds over the next two years allowing us to invest in ourselves and the dreams we share.

The changes we made allowed us pursue the dreams and aspirations we had forgotten or believed impossible. My riding motorcycles again led us acquiring Moto-Tec-it from a family member. Later we founded a platform for our ministry of books and resources we have authored.

My Pastor at the beginning of this pandemic challenged our congregation to consider whether we would be consumers or contributors to our community and country during this time and following. We may not change the world but we can make a difference in the lives of others. It only requires a time with intention.

Everyone’s life has been forever changed by the Corona-virus Pandemic. This is an opportunity for everyone to determine what is truly important; how they will live the rest of the life they are given.

It is my prayer that you will find the peace and comfort that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Enjoy the ride while embracing life,

Moto-Tec-it Tim

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A New Year Resolution to Ride More

A New Year Resolution to Ride More

Resolutions and Diets

Every resolution does not come to fulfillment, just as does every diet does not last. Resolutions and diets are begun with the best of intentions but success requires more. I tell people I don’t believe in diets because the first three letters will kill you.

Many people made a resolution at the beginning of the New Year to ride more. Unfortunately, many of these good intentions have already been forgotten or given up on. The reasons why resolutions are not completed are many, here a few.

Best of Intentions

Making a resolution is more than having the best of intentions. A resolution is more than having a desire for change or improvement. Having a desire to make changes does not mean a plan has been made, strategies are in place, or contingencies have been made. To resolve is when conviction drives determination. Conviction combined with determination will inspire the individual to learn how to make change happen. Change begins with a plan, developing strategies and consider contingents if needed.


Time is one of the most important benchmarks to consider in every endeavor. Research reveals it takes a minimum of twenty-one days to develop a habit, just three days to break a habit. Habits are only the beginning of lasting change.

A new habit must transition into a routine. This is why the first twenty-one days are so very significant. When the first milestone of twenty-one days is achieved, making adjustments along the way, a habit becomes a routine. After a routine has been developed it must then morph into a lifestyle- riding more.

Earlier I joked about why I don’t believe in diets – the first three letters of the word. My true reason is because diets are about what we will not eat or do. Most diets are about eliminating certain foods. This will work for a while but imagine never again eating pizza or ice cream again. Riding more is not about eliminating things from our schedule, it is making time to ride.

Existing or Thriving

Resolving to make change happen by cutting out most anything will work for the short-term. If you ask most people following through on a resolution based on total elimination of things they enjoy how they are doing most will say they are surviving. The reason they are only surviving is because they are focused on what not to do. They are just existing and maintaining but certainly not thriving. In order for anything to become a lifestyle it must be because it is what we will do and why we will do it. This is what makes the difference for change to last so we are able to ride more.

Riding more will happen when we focus on why we ride. Riding more helps me to feel better, I have a chance to gain a new perspective and relax as I enjoy the wind. When I am riding with friends I get to connect with people outside of work. Having friends from different walks of life broadens our world view.

To improve the quality of life requires change. Change should be because we are striving for excellence in all things. When excellence, not perfection, is our goal every aspect of our life will improve beginning with relationships.The key to better relationships is when we know better, we can do better. Doing better in small things makes every aspect of life better.  By paying attention to small things, the big things take care of themselves.

See You on The Open Road,

Moto-Tec-it Tim


Motorcycle Community, Veterans, Conviction

Motorcycle Community

If you are a lone rider, ride with a few friends, or ride with a club, you are also part of the motorcycle community at large.

Motorcycle community members experience riding appreciating the freedom riding provides, understanding the challenges of traffic and the inconvenience of weather, yet choosing to live life doing what we do.

Being a part of the much larger motorcycle community displays itself every time we ride. While out riding approaching or passing another rider it is customary to acknowledge one another.  This acknowledgement might be in a subtle nod, a hand signal, or laid back wave. Each and every time we acknowledge another rider we are acknowledging our community membership.

The motorcycle community has many different looks and is in a process of change. For many outsiders the motorcycle community is mainly made up of the hardcore biker. Today the hardcore riders are the 1% clubs. No longer does this generalization of riders accurately represent the community.

Today you have motorcycle clubs (MC’s), riding clubs (RC’s) and faith based or interest based riding groups. These groups are diverse in themselves with each having a different passion and mission.

The community has also changed by gender. Women now make up almost 18 percent of riders. With the lady rider segment growing faster than the community itself, they will naturally make a significant contribution to what the community will look like in the near future.

The annual sale of motorcycles also indicates a change in process. For example, the sales of larger displacement motorcycles with higher cost have slowed while the 500-750 cc displacements have increased. With the styles of motorcycles changing so have how their riders gather for fellowship. The new generation of rider is more likely to meet at a hipster establishment, riding a cafe motorcycle, wanting to socialize more than ride.

Veterans A Community within a Community

A Veteran, young or old, is part of a community within the motorcycle community. The community to which we belong is a 1% community. Our community is our brothers and sisters in arms who along with us took an oath. The oath we took to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States with our lives if necessary.

For the first time in the history of the United States of America, there are people alive today who do not have an immediate family member serving in the military, nor do they even know a Veteran. For this reason I am a member of The American Legion Riders and proudly wear a patch of our Flag and one stating I am a Veteran.


This fall having the honor and privilege to participate in Remembrance Day (September 11th), Veterans Day November 11th), National POW/MIA Day (November 16th) and Wreaths Across America (December 22nd), I realized the unconditional beliefs of my life never changed.

Having lived in France, Germany, and The Panama Canal Zone as a child, I experienced what few others have. Traveling to different countries, working in various occupations, encountering different people with different beliefs, different socio-economic status, my core remained.

My core remained because a core is not just a belief, it is a conviction. A conviction becomes the foundation for each decision made.  When I reflected on the events listed above, along with life challenges many of us face, I became aware of the foundation of my core.

My core is conviction in God as Creator of All Things. Jesus the Christ is my Lord and Savior. The United States of America is a great country, worth dying for as so many have done. Our Founding Fathers believed in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness which was endowed by our Creator God. The Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, and The Constitution of The United States of America are the foundation of all that I am.

The New Year is upon us with many making resolutions. It came to my attention that 80 percent of people making resolutions will stop doing what they resolved to do within 21 days. Only 8% will achieve their goal. This means 12 percent will continue with their resolution while never crossing the finish line. I crossed the finish line once, dying in a hospital having to be revived. From that day I made a personal commitment to remain steadfast to my core. Will you do the same today?

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Happy New Year ride safe,

Moto-Tec-it Tim