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Dogs and Puppies

Dogs and Puppies

My wife and I are dog people. When we met, Jodi had Dakota, a dachshund mix, and I had Brutus, a boxer-shepherd and Lil-bit, a terrier/beagle mix. We like having the companionship and comfort a family dog brings into a home.

Blending two families and households into one requires planning, time, and patience. When members of the two families are a family dog, “man’s best friend,” they too have to have time to adjust to their new home.

Needless to say, during this time anxiety is elevated, territory is being established and accidents happen. During the initial blending of our families, Dakota had accidents and sometimes would pee in the house as a way to seek attention. We realized her issue and put strategies in place to correct her anxiety and behavior, but we needed a solution to eliminate the odor and residue.

There are many different products available but not all products are equal. Some products mask the odor, others require several steps, many leave a chemical smell.

Having a family member whose father is a chemist gave us an advantage. His father formulated P-U-E (Pet Urine Easyclean) for our company Moto-Tec. Pet Urine Easyclean is unique because it contains a natural enzyme digestant and deodorant.

To use P-U-E simply blot the spot then spray. Pet Urine Easyclean, P-U-E, is available in two pleasant scents, Apple Blossom or Lavender Vanilla.

Over time our dogs matured, and with age accidents happen. Fortunately, we had the solution to the problem with P-U-E.

A couple of years later we adopted a new family companion together, Conrad. Conrad was a beautiful German Shepherd. He was as smart and loving as he was beautiful. Later in life he became very anxious and would dribble, again we had the solution with P-U-E

This Christmas, we adopted a German Shepherd puppy named Bisbee, after Bisbee, Arizona. When we first got him at 8 weeks he did have a few accidents. Luckily we had the solution, Pet Urine Easyclean to help.  We took the time to be intentional with training while P-U-E eliminated the odor and residue.   He is now 17 weeks old and is fully house trained.

Simply Blot the Spot, Then Spray

P-U-E (Pet Urine Easyclean) is nature-based, safe, and easy to use. The formula contains an enzyme digestant and deodorant. Simply blot the spot then spray. P-U-E is your solution if you have a new puppy, a mature or anxious companion, or when fostering or rescuing man’s best friend.


A New Year Brings New Opportunities

Greetings and thank you to all our customers who have supported Moto-Tec-it for the past 10 years!

We exist because of your product loyalty while supporting a Veteran and Woman-owned business providing Made in America, Nature-based clean & shine products.

Our goal is to make it as easy, convenient, and cost effective as possible for you to continue to use our products.

With these goals in mind, we are proud to share with you an update and new opportunities for 2023.

                    State of Georgia Vendor/Supplier

Moto-Tec is honored to be approved as a State of Georgia Supplier as of October 2022. Our first order was for a case of Quick Scrub Hand Cleaner.

New Opportunities for 2023

We are expanding our current dealer network in Georgia of local small businesses to include Hardware Stores, Farm and Feed Stores, Garden Centers, Campgrounds, Pet Stores, Dog Groomers, and Powersport Suppliers.


Having a local business providing our products, in addition to the option of purchasing on, makes it easier and more convenient for our customers, while they are able to support their local community and a small business.

We value you because your loyalty is why we are still in business after 10 years.

With these new opportunities our retail pricing will be the same or less than last year.

King regards,

Moto-Tec Tim


Puppies, Dog Pee, and Dog Urine Smell

Puppies and Dog Pee

The gift of a new puppy or dog for Christmas is wonderful, the dog pee not so much. Puppies and dogs become excited and/or anxious when they join a family. Their excitement and anxiety lead to accidents which cause dog urine smell in carpets.

Learning from experience is the best way to learn. One year one of my children got a puppy for Christmas who was housebroken before Christmas morning. Friends of the family kept the puppy at their house at night, during the day while the children were at school the puppy was at home being introduced to the home and potty trained.

Not everyone can have friends willing to take on that responsibility. When you bring home a puppy or dog, life is much better when dog pee issues are anticipated. Training from the beginning is easier than correcting bad habits.

One of the greatest mistakes made in puppy training is the use of dog pee pads. Using pee pads is training the new member of the family it is good to pee on the pad. The pad contains the pee but the undesirable behavior of the puppy peeing in the house is reinforced each time the dog pees.

Dog Urine Smell

The best training to eliminate dog pee and dog urine smell is the tried and proven method.

Manage the times your puppy or dog eats and drinks water developing a routine. When your dog eats food or drinks water take them outside to a defined area to relieve themselves.

It is important to maintain a routine feeding your dog at approximately the same time every day then taking them out to the same area to do their business.

While in the training time when accidents occur use a pet urine eliminator. Some products mask the odor without eliminating the cause – dog urine.

P-U-E (Pet Urine Eliminator) eliminates the dog urine and contains natural deodorizers in the formula.

P-U-E is sold in a 32 oz spray bottle and available in two scents, Apple Blossom or Lavender Vanilla.

Training your dog from the beginning requires time and commitment. A little time now will return wonderful benefits in the future. Creating a routine while praising your puppy each time they do as trained, your dog will want to please you in the future.

When a man trains his dog, his dog is man’s best friend! To start right from the beginning of dog ownership you can purchase your bottle of P-U-E here Pet Urine Eliminator. Be sure to choose your scent or buy one of each.

You will find we offer eco-friendly cleaning products which make cleaning safer, easier, and faster. Many dog owners realize using nature-based cleaning products is best for their pets.

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Fellow dog lover,



P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator)

Love Your Pet, Not the Odor.

PUE Conrad

Conrad and Budreau are members of our family but they have their “issues”.
You might have a pet with similar “issues”. Conrad gets nervous and Budreau is getting up in years. Our pets are house broken and their accidents are not daily, but when they happen what is our solution?

When accidents happen, having the safe solution to the problem really eliminates a lot of stress and worries. Not having to worry about harming our pets or damaging the furniture and carpet are a great relief.
P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) is a nature-based product with active enzymes which eliminates the uric acid and does not just mask the odor.
Several pet groomers use P.U.E on their clients bedding, in their crates, and even in their own homes for those accidents.
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Puppies for Christmas

Puppies for Christmas!

Puppies are fun, but not their accidents!


Giving a puppy as a present for Christmas brings excitement anticipation and joy. Puppies are so cute, so playful, so full of energy and fun. Puppies bring us a lot of joy and laughs and yes, even a few moments when we wonder if getting a puppy was a good idea.

You will remember these moments I promise. Maybe your cute puppy will get into the trash and have such fun experiencing all the new smells, tastes, and different things to play with throughout your house. Maybe your puppy will find the laundry and chew on your socks, or shirts, or even your UN-mentionables.

There will be times when you loose sight of your puppy for just a second, or you are only a minute late and a “wet spot” or “accident zone” appears.

Possibly your family dog begins “marking” their territory when you bring your new puppy home.

You know your puppy will be a blessing to the family once the puppy stage is over.

personal experience


You might be wondering how did I know these things? Because one Christmas we gave our youngest child a puppy for Christmas. Our new puppy brought our family a lot of excitement. The anticipation of our youngest child getting the puppy he wanted was exciting! The joy of that Christmas morning was beyond words.

We found a solution for those “accidents” that works. A formula that actually “breaks down” the uric acid and does not just mask the odor but eliminates it. We would give some of the formula to our  friends when they shared with us their struggles and issues with their companions. Our friends were surprised that we had similar issues with our dogs. They were surprised because they did not know, could not tell, because there was no odor.

When you use this product for yourself you will find is works on:

  • Pet Bedding

  • Carpets

  • Wood

  • Vinyl

  • Linoleum

  • Concrete


When you get your own P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) those accidents and mishaps will not be as trying as they are before knowing you have the solution. Our friend Piper who is the founder of Healing4Heroes, a non-profit organization that adopts dogs from shelters and trains  them with a Veteran who needs a service dog told us “P.U.E saved her from having to replace here upstairs carpeting and her husband was very grateful”.

We have local Pet Resorts and Dog Groomers in the Newnan, Georgia and Peachtree City area offering P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) to their customers because they themselves use it in their business and love it. You can order your P.U.E right now, right here, for only $10.95 for 32oz. This is less than what you pay at the big pet box Stores.

If you are wondering if it really works and if now is the time to get it I can only say it worked for us and we have not had a complaint. If you can save a dog bed, or your carpet like Piper has. Piper would tell you it was well worth it and she still buys it today.

Pet Urine Eliminator P.U.E. only $10.95