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Motorcycle Shows, Rallies, Festivals

Motorcycle Shows Are you planning to attend a  motorcycle show this year? Motorcycle shows are the kickoff to another year of riding. I attended my first motorcycle show 7 years ago. The first motorcycle show I attended was the Great Atlanta Motorcycle Show. This annual show is

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Are You Ready to Shine in 2019

Ride and Shine The 2019 riding season will soon be full throttle. For motorcyclists living in the South or out West riding season is never-ending. Riding all year long, detailing motorcycles becomes routine. Routines are wonderful but limiting at the same time. They are wonderful because we

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Motorcycle Community, Veterans, Conviction

Motorcycle Community If you are a lone rider, ride with a few friends, or ride with a club, you are also part of the motorcycle community at large. Motorcycle community members experience riding appreciating the freedom riding provides, understanding the challenges of traffic and the inconvenience of

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Thanksgiving a Time of Reflection

Thank You My wife Jodi and I are the owners of We are truly thankful for so very much. We are thankful for our faith, family, friends and the life we share together. Having the privilege of business ownership is beyond words. We believe we provide

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Dirty motorcycle? Why use Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes?

Liquid on road grime makes muck Washing a motorcycle by spraying liquid onto the road grime on a dirty motorcycle makes muck. When the wet muck is wiped up with a dry solid cloth, the cloth traps the grime against the surface. The grime might be gone

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Business ownership requires multiple talents

What Hat to Wear When Owning and operating a small business requires someone to wear a lot of different hats throughout the day. Many business owners agree one of the benefits of business ownership is no two days are alike. “Routine is wonderful until it becomes a

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Customers Appreciate Products Made in the U.S.A.

Products Made in U.S.A. Surveys confirm customers in the United States prefer to purchase products Made in U.S.A. Customers when asked also prefer to purchase their products and services from Veteran-Owned Businesses. Global Impact on local economies was the topic during a recent monthly meeting of our Chamber

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Do you use a spray cleaner on your motorcycle?

Spray and Wipe Many motorcycle owners wash their motorcycles using a spray-on then wipe-off cleaner. Have you ever taken a moment and thought about this process and the paint? When your motorcycle has just a light dust from sitting in the garage this type of product works

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Two days to remember in September

Never Forget We are privileged to live in the United States of America. A country that never forgets, a country that chooses to remember. This month are two important days of remembrance. Two days when our nation stops to honor heroes and victims. September 11th On Monday

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Buy Made in U.S.A from a Veteran-Owned Business

This week is Buy American, Hire American. Formulated for motorcycles, cleans and shines as promised, Made in America, a Veteran-owned business. Formulated for Motorcycles: Safe for paint, chrome, plastic, vinyl and leather Cleans and shines as promised: Unique releasing agents, jewelers polish, streak free formula Made in America:

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