Boys and Their Toys

Boys and Their Toys

In 2012 attending a motorcycle rally in the North Georgia Mountains a man told me a story I will never forget.

We were attending the rally selling our Moto-Tec-it cleaning and detailing products when a new customer began to share his story from earlier in the week.

He was in his driveway washing his motorcycles when his 10 year old neighbor asked him a question.

Boy: “Mister why do you have so many motorcycles?”

Man: “Do you play with the same toy every day?”

Boy: “Oh no I have a lot of toys I play with.”

Man: “Why don’t you play with the same toy every day?”

Boy:  “Because that would be boring and no fun.”

Man: “That is the same reason why I have different motorcycles. I can ride a different one when I want. Each is different even though they might look the same. I am able to ride a different one when I want having fun and not be bored.”

Boy: “Oh, I really like your motorcycles.”

This story stuck we me because as we grow older we often lose perspective about things and living life to the fullest.

A New Perspective

Each of us has things it is part of life. The question is do we have things or do our things have us? When we are bond to things, whatever they may be, we miss the chance to experience new perspectives and true joy without guilt.

Buying anything brand new is a joy in itself. Soon when the newness wears off, the commitment remains and can become a burden. My dad always taught me “to keep my options open” which is why I always buy used cars and motorcycles.

When I was younger the first motorcycle I bought in 1977 was a Honda 550/4. Later I rode a Harley Sportster and a Triumph Bonneville.

My son began riding in 2011 which is when I caught the bug again Here is his 1967 Triumph Bonneville.

2011 I bought a blast from the past, a Yamaha 1979 XS1100.

2012 we needed a camping scooter so we added a 1979 Honda Elite 150

2013 I found a new toy, a 2001 BMW R1150GS

2014 we decided we need a bike to demo our Made in U.S.A detailing and cleaning products. 1979 Triumph Thunderbird.

Like my friend in the story, I like different toys because they bring different joys. I am looking at a Royal Enfield      as my next ride to take with us when we go camping. My toys are wonderful, but the fun and joy they bring only lasts so long.

Life’s Challenges

What happens when we can’t ride because of health, finances, or a pandemic?  This is when life becomes real. We begin to assess what is truly important, what lasts and that which is only glitter.

In 2012 during surgery the doctors had to preform maneuvers to revive me. Fortunately I had learned long ago not to focus only on that which the sun shines, but on the one Son, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Following this event when driving home my wife made the statement, “I could have driven home as a widow”. Her statement clarified our new reality, our lives were forever changed.

It was a few days later when we began to make changes in our life after looking at our monthly obligations and where we were spending the majority of our time and money. We downsize our home and expenses by more than two thirds over the next two years allowing us to invest in ourselves and the dreams we share.

The changes we made allowed us pursue the dreams and aspirations we had forgotten or believed impossible. My riding motorcycles again led us acquiring Moto-Tec-it from a family member. Later we founded a platform for our ministry of books and resources we have authored.

My Pastor at the beginning of this pandemic challenged our congregation to consider whether we would be consumers or contributors to our community and country during this time and following. We may not change the world but we can make a difference in the lives of others. It only requires a time with intention.

Everyone’s life has been forever changed by the Corona-virus Pandemic. This is an opportunity for everyone to determine what is truly important; how they will live the rest of the life they are given.

It is my prayer that you will find the peace and comfort that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Enjoy the ride while embracing life,

Moto-Tec-it Tim

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