Motorcycle detailing products specifically formulated for motorcycles.

Inspired to Ride- Destinations and Friends

The Moto-Tec tag line is Cleans, Shines, Inspires. We do believe that a clean motorcycle inspires us to ride more. It also inspires others to get their bike out and ride. When we spend time cleaning and detailing our motorcycle we have the opportunity to make that all important visual check of our bike. It is another opportunity to make sure we are keeping our maintenance up. For me personally following a great ride, when I am cleaning my bike it is a chance to re-live the ride and anticipate the next one.
The riding experience is why we all own motorcycles. But there is more to being part of the motorcycle community then just riding. The time we spend with fellow riders is just as important as the ride itself. We can dodge that bird, or take that awesome cure scrapping our pegs. But if we do not have the chance to share our experiences with others something is lost. I myself love to ride at a leisurely pace during the week when no one else is on the roads. Riding with others during an event or destination ride, the experience is only magnified. Both of these rides are important for us all to experience on a regular basis. The camaraderie following a ride gives us fuel for the next ride, but also inspires others.
This past weekend we were supporting a ride at a local establishment. The ride was for a child that needed treatment and we were raising funds to fill the gaps in coverage. The motorcycles were there and the turnout was awesome. The riders all had a great time and once again had a sense of purpose. In addition to the riders there were friends and others who wanted to support the event. I had a chance to speak with two couples that had come out to support the family because they were neighbors. Not one of the four rode or had ever ridden a motorcycle. They had the perception that motorcycle riders were rowdy and only concerned with themselves. These four people were forever changed by the experience this past weekend. They were overwhelmed with the motorcycle community but more importantly, they met members of the community during the fellowship following the ride. They met a variety of individuals that really loved their community and desired to make a difference by giving back to others.
I learned last year that the majority of dollars donated to fight breast cancer is donated by a person that rides a motorcycle. One of the groups with whom I ride, all the monies raised go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I also ride with the American Legion Riders and the monies we raise goes to Veterans in our local community.
The destination is the ride! The people with whom you share it, is the journey!


Saving Time = More Riding

Product_Sameple_WipeI have learned that having the right tools, and using the right products saves me time. Time is how mechanics, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and consultants charge for their knowledge and services.
This is true for every purchase we make. Many of us do not think about our purchases in this way. Think about going grocery shopping to buy a tomato. The price is based on what the cost was from the farmer, plus the labor required to get it to the customer. The farmer based his price to the grocer, from the seed to the ripened tomato, to include materials and labor costs.
A mechanic will use a specific brand of tool because it saves time. The time saving may seem very insignificant, but over a career it amounts to a lot of time.
Time is something we can never get back. What is also true is, everyone is busy. We all encounter things that use up our time. This being the facts, we need to make wise purchases. Buying products that will save us time.
Moto-Tec products were formulated by a chemist that rides motorcycles and appreciates antique cars. These products were designed to be effective and save the user time. When our products save you time, cleaning and detailing your motorcycle or car, you have more time to ride and enjoy your passion.
A Moto-Tec dealer told me a story this week of a new Moto-Tec advocate. This customer had used a specific product to clean and detail his bike since he bought his motorcycle many years ago. He would not use anything else. The dealer gave his customer a Free Bike Wipe Sample. The customer used the bike wipe only on his front fender. He was not sure of what it would do. He was impressed with the initial results. Later it rained, and the only part on the bike that did not have water spots, was the front fender. Now the customer was an advocate.
Here, you too can get a Free Bike Wipe Sample.

Ultra Gloss Bike Wipe Sample


Let the product work for you, not you work the product!

Summer is here and many of us are taking on special projects that require cleaning and preparation. One of the many lessons I have learned in life is regarding tools. It is well known that “A great craftsman never blames his tools.” This is true. What is also true, is a craftsman has learned how to best use his tools. The craftsman has learned what his tools can do, and what they cannot do. This is so very important. This is something for us to apply in our everyday lives. Learning to let a product or tool work for you, instead of you working the product/tool is the key to working less. An example of this is you can use most anything as a hammer, but most often the end result is not your desired outcome.(bent nails, surface dings, bloody knuckles, being frustrated)
Nature has many examples of natural forces at work. Here is but one example. It is a picture of a waterfall from a spillway. Over time this waterfall has eroded the earth by the waters motion, and the result is a cascading affect.
Vogel Waterfall
What does this mean for me? It means for the greatest chance of success I need to have the right tool for the job. You can cut corners and possible save a few cents. This might be true.
Some questions you might want to consider. What is your time worth? What is your energy worth? Does this tool/product provide the satisfaction I desire? Is this tool or product designed for the job I am about to begin? If not, you might want to consider seeking out the right product/tool for your greatest chance for success. This is an example of Knock Out from Moto-Tec. Sprayed it on the surface, let it work, wiped it off.
Knock Out 2


Scooter Wash? Wipe-On, Wipe-Off

Scooter Wash is a need for many who own scooters. Wipe-On, let dry to a haze, Wipe-Off! That is all it takes. Most scooter owners do not have access to water. Many do not want to deal with the sponge and bucket for a scooter wash. Scooter Wipes are designed to clean a dirty scooter. The cloth is non-woven. This means the grime and debris goes into the cloth and does not scratch the surface. The formula has carnauba from the Brazilian Palm tree, a little silicone, a polymer that will fill in micro scratches, and a jewelers polish. Wipe-on from high to low. Work from the windshield down and back. The wipes work on paint, chrome, glass or plastic. Wipe on and let dry to a haze. The haze is the jewelers polish lifting the debris off the surface. Then wipe off with a soft cloth. I like Microfiber but a soft terry cloth works great. When you wipe on and let dry completely the surface shine. Usually after wiping off the jewelers polish you cannot even leave a fingerprint. The silicone will bead up water and the shine is inspiring. The surface allows for a faster clean the next time and bugs just rinse off. The product is safe for you and the entire scooter. Nature-Based and Environmentally Friendly. When you are done with the scooter how about your helmet. This product will clean and shine the outside of your helmet. The product works great on face shields as well. No face shield no loss. Use this on your eye glasses as well.  Wipe-on, let dry to a haze, Wipe-Off. Your glasses will be cleaner then ever. If you want to bump the shine of the Scooter Wipes try our Shine Up Liquid. So enjoy the day and take a scoot.


We will be at the Atlanta Rally again this year.



Detailing our Motorcycle = Bending Light

Many of us were detailing our motorcycle during the July 4th weekend. Hopefully we were able to really enjoy a beautiful sunrise, or a magnificent sunset during our weekend. The reason the sky appears blue at mid-day, and the vibrant colors during sunrise and sunset is the size of the particles in the air. The particles floating in the air are bending and reflecting the suns rays. This is what changes what we call color.This is called the refractive index, or the bending of light. Water and other materials use to formulate cleaning and detailing products bend light differently. We can see this effect when we look into the water at a fish or an object below the surface. The object is not where we believe it to be.The waters refractive index is what we are experiencing. How much of the light is bent is what determines how shiny a surface appears.The refractive index along with surface texture is what makes products different. This means you can use one cleaning product, and then follow with another product and change the shine of your bike. You could either increase or diminish the shine of the first product. This is based on the second products refractive index and surface texture.That is why it is important to use a product that cleans and leaves a streak-free finish. If you can use a product that cleans and polishes you are accomplishing two tasks at once. The product you choose following your wash must leave a surface smoother than the wash. When we wax and polish the resulting finish is based on the particle size and lack of film residue.


Detailing and Cleaning Products = Surface Texture

Many of us will be heading out to the beach or lake this summer. Hopefully we will be riding our motorcycles and most likely we are going to clean or detail our bikes while on vacation. Time at the beach or lake is a great opportunity to observe the different areas contacting the water.  In the places where there are rocks, or trees or other rough surfaces, you will most likely see debris or trash accumulating or being snagged by the different formations contacting the water. This is a good example of how the surface texture contributes to remaining free from dirt and grime.  When you clean and shine a motorcycle you want to use cleaning and detailing products that are designed to leave a smooth surface. A surface that will limit dirt accumulation. You also are seeking a surface that is free of residual films after drying. These films will catch dirt and grime. Some products are petroleum distillates, the very substance we are trying remove. You also do not want any harsh chemicals that will break down the clear coat. This could  cause the surface to become rough, exactly what you are attempting to avoid. You want to use products that are designed to be streak free without excessive rinsing. If you cannot leave a fingerprint after cleaning and polishing your motorcycle,  you have a surface that is smooth and shines. Check out the video in the link below.


How and Why to clean and shine?

When I began my career it started with formal training. My training was all about technique (How) and working with the concept that form always follows function. I was educated and trained with ideal situations in a controlled environment. Following my training, I worked in my chosen field and experienced professional growth and recognition. I then changed employers. My first technical trainer with the new company, whom I looked to as a mentor and later a friend, encouraged me to learn not only How a specific product worked but Why. My friend’s encouragement was extremely helpful and necessary. How does this translate to cleaning and detailing products you ask? Companies design products that work if the user follows the directions specifically and limits the products use to the applications specified. When cleaning an automobile there are different considerations then if cleaning a motorcycle, boat, or anything else. An automobile has limited surface concerns, while the others have multiple surface materials and limitations. Why the product works is based on the formulas and the surfaces to be cleaned or shined. Moto-Tec Products are designed to be safe for multiple surface applications. Some products utilize the ingredients while moist to remove debris or polish (Moto-Tec Magic Wash or Moto-Tec Super Wash) while others work as the ingredients dry and lift the debris from the surface to clean or polish (Moto-Tec Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes or Ultra Gloss Polish). When we learn not only How, but Why a product works for us we have the confidence to expect a consistent result.


Why Nature-Based

Moto-Tec Products begin with naturally occurring ingredients to meet our strict requirements to be Safe, Effective and Environmentally-Friendly. So many cleaning and detailing products today are manufactured chemicals and or petroleum distillates. When I look at some of the products on store shelves, I see warnings and hazard statements that are almost as lengthy as some of the prescription drug ads which we are inundated with daily. Personally when I hear some of the disclaimers, I think it better to just deal with the condition rather than the side effects. Sometimes we question if the safe and nature-based products work as well as those which we can manufacture. We must remember with many products today, they are only a synthetic of that which is found in nature. One of our customers offered this quote, “Your products do just what you said they would do. Great Stuff” Laurence Yaste. Aristotle said, In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.



My wife and I just returned from a camping trip in the North Georgia Mountains. We truly love camping and being in the great outdoors. We take walks, maybe fish a little, enjoy the scenery and wildlife during the day, and then at night just sitting around a dancing campfire. We believe we have a responsibility to do our best, to steward that which was entrusted to us by God. That is why Moto-Tec products are Environmentally Friendly. We want to offer products that work to Clean,Shine,and Inspire without negatively affecting our environment.


Cleaning a Dirty Motorcycle

The key to cleaning and detailing a dirty motorcycle is to have products that work for you, and then developing your own system. Our products are designed to work for you, instead of you having to work the product. This seems basic but is really where we are different. We have had many new customers, after seeing how easily and quickly we can clean and detail a motorcycle, become our greatest advocates. We want our products to be EFFECTIVE so more time can be spent riding, instead of working. Check out these videos and see for yourself. I have provided the links or you can check them out on our website.