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As Commander of American Legion Post 57 Newnan, GA I am now a contributing writer for Southeastern Rider Magazine of articles for Veterans and Motorcycles. Check out this free publication and share with your friends that ride.

See you on the “Open Road”,

Moto-Tec Tim


P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator)

Love Your Pet, Not the Odor.

PUE Conrad

Conrad and Budreau are members of our family but they have their “issues”.
You might have a pet with similar “issues”. Conrad gets nervous and Budreau is getting up in years. Our pets are house broken and their accidents are not daily, but when they happen what is our solution?

When accidents happen, having the safe solution to the problem really eliminates a lot of stress and worries. Not having to worry about harming our pets or damaging the furniture and carpet are a great relief.
P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) is a nature-based product with active enzymes which eliminates the uric acid and does not just mask the odor.
Several pet groomers use P.U.E on their clients bedding, in their crates, and even in their own homes for those accidents.
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Motorcycle Riders are on the Roads

The 2016 Riding Season Begins


Hello Fellow Rider,

 This year motorcycle riders living in Georgia and most of the Southeastern United States, have appreciated the winter being relatively short and mild.

 I can say I rode my motorcycle on the last day of last year, and the first day of this year. I have been able to ride my motorcycle multiple days of every week this year. I even delivered some orders of Moto-Tec Products to our dealers on my motorcycle this month.

Delivering Product on my BMW

 This year I have been fortunate to be able to continue riding my motorcycle throughout the winter months. Unfortunately, most winters I am not able to ride as much as I would like. There have even been winters where I was unable to ride for an entire month.

My ability to ride as much and as consistently as I have this winter has brought to my attention some things to consider. In the past, when I was not riding as frequently as I have been recently, I was not always aware of how much muscle memory and core strength I had developed during the riding season. Riding a motorcycle requires balance, strength, and muscle memory which is developed over time and consistency. When we have not ridden recently or consistently we need to take extra caution as we begin to ride again.

I also realized that when I was riding more frequently I was much more intentional in my T.C.L.O.C.K.S and motorcycle maintenance schedule. This week I observed several riders out on their motorcycles and many of these riders were at gas stations filling up their gas tanks. I wondered to myself if they had taken the time to check the air pressure in their tires and a visual check of their motorcycle for safety.

With the new riding season starting I would like to suggest that you make a commitment to yourself to visually check your motorcycle before you ride. A great way to do this, with the added benefit of your motorcycle being clean with a shine. Here is our Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes video. Make the commitment to yourself that before each ride you will visually inspect your motorcycle as you use Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes  to “Wipe On” to clean and then “Wipe Off” to shine.

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See you on the “Open Road”,

Moto-Tec Tim


Motorcycle Rider Tips and Techniques

 Riding Motorcycles during the Winter


Riding during the winter months offers a much different experience that many motorcycle riders never enjoy.

If you ride during this time of year you will be able to identify with what I am going to share. If you have not experienced riding your motorcycle during these months I hope you will considering do so.

When riding during this time of year I do take into consideration a couple of things I might not pay as much attention to as I do during the spring and summer riding season.

My first consideration is how much free movement I have with my cold weather gear on.

Riding during this time of year does require more layers. This is especially true on those days when the sky is blue, the wind is light, and the temperature changes significantly from morning to midday to the evening night time hours.  You need to consider the temperature change with the wind chill factor during riding. I want to make sure that as I layer up my heavier gear does not limit my movement, flexibility or agility. Just changing from your normal riding boots to a cold weather boot will affect how you change gears. This is also true for your riding gloves, especially if like me you change from an open finger glove during the summer to a full glove during the winter.

The second consideration is how visible I am in contrast with the barred landscape.

During the spring and summer months there are many more vibrant colors and contrasts to which we motorcycle riders will most likely be more visible. This being said, I always ride as if I am invisible. During the winter riding season I ride as if I am even more invisible. With the lack of foliage and the contrasting colors of green on the trees and shrubs our dark riding gear blends in perfectly with the lack of colors like camouflage. I find myself even planning my riding route to limit my left turns on open busy roadways. This is not always possible but if I can without much inconvenience I do. By limiting my stopping on the road to make a left turn I also limit the chance of being run over by a clueless motorist. If I do have to stop I make it a point to slow sooner, to gain the motorist attention behind me prior to the turn, and I continue to check my mirrors. This is also a time to keep your motorcycle in gear always prepared to get out of the way without hesitation.

I do enjoy riding during this time of year. The air is so clean and crisp often with the aroma of wood burning fires. When you come inside from the ride as your body temperature rises you again feel so young and alive. It is these times when I really appreciate a single malt in the company of good friends.

See you on the “Open Road”,

Moto-Tec Tim


Motorcycle Rider Tips and Techniques

Riding into the New Year

A New Year Resolution

Hello Fellow Riders,

If you are like me one of your New Year Resolutions was to ride your motorcycle more in 2016.

You may be fortunate like I am living in part of the country where the winter has been mild and riding your motorcycle has been possible. If you have not yet had the chance to ride your motorcycle this year I would encourage you to begin today planning for your first opportunity to get on motorcycle and ride.

I was able to ride my motorcycle a lot during the month of December and even on Christmas Day! I made it a point to get on my motorcycle and ride it just so I could say I rode my motorcycle on Christmas. I also rode on New Years Eve, and then again on New Years Day. I will admit it was a little chilly. I had anticipated the weather and dressed accordingly. I also took into consideration the temperature drop that would occur as the sun went down. I had ridden to a friends property where we were shooting guns to welcome in the New Year. I intentionally made it a point to leave the fun and to be off the road and in the house when evening had come.

Motorcycle Rider Tips and Techniques is a result of me riding my motorcycle during the winter and into the New Year.

If you are still riding your motorcycle during this time of year you will identify with what I experienced during my recent rides. If you are not still riding but plan to ride this winter a tip is a means to a more enjoyable ride. I believe this is the time of year when we can really examine and improve our riding techniques.

As recently as yesterday it became very apparent to me that “cagers” motorist are not even aware that motorcyclists ride motorcycles in the winter.  We all know or we should know that most cagers are not paying attention to their driving or actively looking for motorcycles. Many cagers believe motorcycles are only recreational vehicles and only ridden during the spring and summer months.

This brings me to “Tim’s Tip”. Ride your motorcyle knowing you are not being seen, anticipated, or expected.

I have a friend that teaches the MSF Intersection Course in local high schools. He also happens to be a Blue Knight. My friend was telling me of how often during his presentations he has students asking him about the saying “Loud pipes save lives”. His response to these students is this question. “When you hear an ambulance, police or fire truck siren how often do you wonder from which direction it is coming?” The answer is always the same, they are not sure. He then tells the students that at every motorcycle accident he has investigated the common explanation from the motorist is “I did not see the motorcycle”.

Loud pipes may save lives. High visibility riding gear may save lives. All the gear, all the time, may save lives. Improved lights and additional lights may save lives. These are all beneficial attempts to reduce our risks but not the total solution. Riding your motorcycle knowing you are not being seen, anticipated, or expected in addition to these will make a significant difference at the end of the ride. This is especially true in the winter months when most motorcycle riders are not riding the roads and far from the minds of the motorists.

See you on the “Open Road”,

Moto-Tec Tim




Puppies for Christmas

Puppies for Christmas!

Puppies are fun, but not their accidents!


Giving a puppy as a present for Christmas brings excitement anticipation and joy. Puppies are so cute, so playful, so full of energy and fun. Puppies bring us a lot of joy and laughs and yes, even a few moments when we wonder if getting a puppy was a good idea.

You will remember these moments I promise. Maybe your cute puppy will get into the trash and have such fun experiencing all the new smells, tastes, and different things to play with throughout your house. Maybe your puppy will find the laundry and chew on your socks, or shirts, or even your UN-mentionables.

There will be times when you loose sight of your puppy for just a second, or you are only a minute late and a “wet spot” or “accident zone” appears.

Possibly your family dog begins “marking” their territory when you bring your new puppy home.

You know your puppy will be a blessing to the family once the puppy stage is over.

personal experience


You might be wondering how did I know these things? Because one Christmas we gave our youngest child a puppy for Christmas. Our new puppy brought our family a lot of excitement. The anticipation of our youngest child getting the puppy he wanted was exciting! The joy of that Christmas morning was beyond words.

We found a solution for those “accidents” that works. A formula that actually “breaks down” the uric acid and does not just mask the odor but eliminates it. We would give some of the formula to our  friends when they shared with us their struggles and issues with their companions. Our friends were surprised that we had similar issues with our dogs. They were surprised because they did not know, could not tell, because there was no odor.

When you use this product for yourself you will find is works on:

  • Pet Bedding

  • Carpets

  • Wood

  • Vinyl

  • Linoleum

  • Concrete


When you get your own P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) those accidents and mishaps will not be as trying as they are before knowing you have the solution. Our friend Piper who is the founder of Healing4Heroes, a non-profit organization that adopts dogs from shelters and trains  them with a Veteran who needs a service dog told us “P.U.E saved her from having to replace here upstairs carpeting and her husband was very grateful”.

We have local Pet Resorts and Dog Groomers in the Newnan, Georgia and Peachtree City area offering P.U.E. (Pet Urine Eliminator) to their customers because they themselves use it in their business and love it. You can order your P.U.E right now, right here, for only $10.95 for 32oz. This is less than what you pay at the big pet box Stores.

If you are wondering if it really works and if now is the time to get it I can only say it worked for us and we have not had a complaint. If you can save a dog bed, or your carpet like Piper has. Piper would tell you it was well worth it and she still buys it today.

Pet Urine Eliminator P.U.E. only $10.95

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Motorcycle Riding Season Never Ends!

Year round motorcycle riders.

Continue to shine as you continue to ride!

Do you want your motorcycle to look good and shine even during this time of year? You can with no water and no hassle.

Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes are all you need. Wipe on. let dry to a haze, wipe off with a soft cloth.

MOTO-TEC-(1-of-17)Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes come 30 wipes to a container for just $12.95.

You can keep the shine anytime you ride. Click Here  to buy your Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes today.



Does your scooter shine?

Attention Motor Scooter Owners!

Scoot and Shine Anytime, Anywhere!


    Do you remember when you first saw your scooter and you knew it had to be yours? The idea of having economical transportation that was also recreation for you was just too much to pass on. You purchased your first scooter.

You can ride your scooter to work, run a quick errand, or even take a weekend getaway. You can do all of these things with just a little planning.

Your scooter is almost maintenance free. All you really need to do is make sure there is gas in the tank, the tire pressure is correct, and off you go. The more you ride your scooter the better life is.

Having such a dependable mode of transportation was one of the benefits that drew you to your scooter. Do you remember the old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. When there is no “squeaky wheel” for us to oil, sometimes we forget or neglect the very things we know we should take care of.

The appeal of a scooter is often the aesthetics and the simplicity of its’ design. Scooter owners like not having the engine and the mechanical parts exposed. Scooters would rather see the lines and curves of the body. This lack of mechanical worries often comes with not preventing and maintaining the cosmetic appearance, the very first thing that caught your attention of your scooter.

Keeping your scooter looking good use to require a bucket and hose and all the hassle that goes with hand washing your ride. Sometimes these items are not readily available, or we just do not want to get  all the “stuff” together. What if you didn’t have all this hassle? All you needed was a soft  towel? How much more enjoyable would it be riding your scooter when it looked just like new?

personal experience

    You might be wondering how do I know these things? I know because I have experienced these issues. Believe me bringing back a shine to your scooter if you even can is a lot more work than maintaining a shine.

Remember when momma said, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

 You can have your scooter to shine:

  • Cleans and polishes at the same time

  • No water needed

  • works on paint, plastic, chrome, windshields

  • great for helmets and face shields

  • beads water

  • no fingerprints

  • no alcohol, no ammonia

  • environmentally friendly

  • nature-based

  • safe

  • fast

  • convenient


   “Our 1985 Honda Elite 150 after using the Ultra Gloss Scooter Wipes. We usually only use 1 wipe at a time.”   Tim and Jodi Smith


You can have your very own Scooter Wipes if you visit Vespa of Marietta, GA or Mooney Motorsports in Sandy Springs, GA. You get 4 individually packaged wipes, (it usually only requires one wipe to clean the average scooter) and a soft cloth in a re-closeable package. These are just right for your glove compartment or trunk.

You can order yours now for only $5.95 no shipping.

MOTO-TEC (14 of 17)

Just click here to begin to ride and shine all the time.

If you do not begin today preventing the loss of your scooters’ shine, when will it be time? How much longer will your scooter look like new and shine without your help?

Click here, there is no time like now!

Just Moto-Tec-it!

Moto-Tec Tim