Motorcycle detailing products specifically formulated for motorcycles.

Motorcycle Riding Season Never Ends!

Year round motorcycle riders. Continue to shine as you continue to ride! Do you want your motorcycle to look good and shine even during this time of year? You can with no water and no hassle. Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes are all you need. Wipe on. let dry

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Does your scooter shine?

Attention Motor Scooter Owners! Scoot and Shine Anytime, Anywhere! TAKE-AWAY SCOOTER WIPES     Do you remember when you first saw your scooter and you knew it had to be yours? The idea of having economical transportation that was also recreation for you was just too much to pass

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Do you want your motorcycle to Shine?

Do you want your motorcycle to shine? CLEAN AND SHINE AT THE SAME TIME    Fall is here and the daytime temperatures are cooler but with your riding gear on it is absolutely perfect. The leaves on the trees are changing colors and riding your motorcycle is like riding into a painting.

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National Recognition Day September 18, 2015

This Friday September 18, 2015 is National Recognition Day for our POWs/MIAs. Recently this year the POW/MIA Flag was claimed by some, although a very few, to be offensive. For the record these people offended me and many like me. It amazes me how many people take

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Shine-Up for American Pride

Where were you on September 11th 2001? Where will you be this year? There will be many ceremonies, motorcycle rides, and times of remembrance in which we can and should participate. Many of our parents were of the World War II generation. Our country has acknowledged how

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August heat takes its toll!

Those of us who ride motorcycles know about being hot and the affects of heat. When we are cruising down the highway ride during those ideal days when the skies are blue and the temperature is just right we do not think much about heat and the

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There is more to it then just riding motorcycles!

There is more to it than just riding motorcycles. When we decide to become a motorcyclist we have made the decision to be identified with our fellow riders. That is why we acknowledge other riders when we pass each other. Our unique wave, our acknowledgement of each

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Do you believe in American Exceptionalism?

I am convinced of America being exceptional! I also believe this concept of being the exception, to becoming the standard, is Americanism. Earlier this month we celebrated with friends the birthday of the United States of America. Each one of us are very proud to be an

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Do you remember when….

Recently my best friend and I were sitting on my front porch enjoying a cold beverage and a little conversation. During our time of relaxation and solving the world’s problems, our topics of discussion were frequently started with the question, “Do you remember when…?” We reminisced about

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How do you feel about……

“I feel (whatever you choose to place here) is offensive and should not be allowed!” This is the mantra of our time and needs to stop! Fact: Feelings are always real but not always accurate! This is a reality I needed to not only learn but train

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