Motorcycle detailing products specifically formulated for motorcycles.

Do you use a spray cleaner on your motorcycle?

Spray and Wipe

Many motorcycle owners wash their motorcycles using a spray-on then wipe-off cleaner. Have you ever taken a moment and thought about this process and the paint?

When your motorcycle has just a light dust from sitting in the garage this type of product works well. This is not the case when you have ridden down a dirt road or on busy roads in rainy weather. The road grime and surface dirt are much grittier and much more likely to scratch the surface.

Spraying liquid onto dirt only changes the dirt into mud. Wiping mud with a solid cloth actually wipes the mud across the surface you are attempting to clean. When you use a spray wash and then rinse the surface with water, if the cleaner does not contain a releasing agent, the same action happens. This is why what you use to wash your motorcycle and the formula it contains makes all the difference in the longevity of paint. This is why Magic Wash should be your choice.  Spray Magic Wash onto your motorcycle and watch the bubbles release the dirt from the surface, ready to be rinsed or wiped off without scratching the paint.

A cleaner with a releasing agent also makes washing your motorcycle faster and easier.  Washing is the first part, the second part is how the product finishes. The formula provides a streak-free rinse and can also be used without water if necessary.

Magic Wash is why customers use many of the other surface maintenance products in the #Moto-Tec-it family of products.

Watch the video to learn more about Magic Wash.

See you on the Open Road,

Moto-Tec-it Tim

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What could your GIG look like in just 5 years

Time is the Multiplier

There is a Bamboo plant that is absolutely amazing and a great metaphor or anyone wanting to begin a GIG, start a business or achieve success in any given field.

The bamboo plant requires a dedicated individual with a consistent and persistent mindset. This particular Bamboo plant must be planted then provided consistent maintenance. The plant begins  as a seed, then the planter must water the plant daily while ensuring  no weeds or other plants begin to grow near or around the plant itself. The process takes more than four and a half years of maintenance without a sign of growth or success. Then in just 5 weeks the plant will grow to record heights reaching almost 90 feet.

12 months verses 5 years

What can we learn from this simple Bamboo Plant. Bill Gates has said most business people overestimate what they can achieve in twelve months yet they neglect to realize what they can achieve in 5 years.

Starting a Gig, business or any new position requires a growth mindset coupled with the determination to continue through whatever comes until the goal is reached.

Begin with a business plan of one, three and five years. These are benchmarks and objectives to be reached. A business plan is an evolving document which should be referenced quarterly and modified when needed. The strength of a GIG or Small Business is the flexibility and ability to make corrections and adjustments in short periods of time when necessary. Often a business will develop a plan only to put it away never to look at it again. I suggest to look at your plan and make adjustments on a quarterly basis. Your present situation is also changing although your values remain constant.

If your GIG is one without much personal interaction I suggest joining a group of like mined individuals. I myself attend a lot of activities through my local Chamber of Commerce. I also have friends who are in business whom I can reach out to for advice and use as a sounding board.

The GDP and consumer confidence numbers are in. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. The expert was once a beginner, big business began as a small business. Let’s enjoy the ride together.

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A New Year provides an opportunity for a New Career!

Hope is not a Strategy

Out with the old, in with the new. This is the time of year when many of us take inventory. Inventory of our lives, finances, dreams, and goals.

This past year provided my wife and me challenges with blessings to match. We entered the new year spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically healthy and strong. We were entering our eleventh year of marriage. Our past challenges had never caused a rift or even a crack in our relationship. We both attribute this to our mutual faith and desire to honor God in all things.

We had taken time at the end of 2016 to plan for 2017. Early into the year, my wife experienced some dental issues. With busy schedules, the dental issue developed into a health issue. In January our car needed extensive repairs. It was time to consider taking on a car payment. In February our septic system backed up requiring extensive repairs and money. We decided to fix our car since we had to pay for the septic system. We had the mechanical repairs made to the car only to find the convertible top would cost between 3 and 4 thousand dollars to replace. Now a new car was not a desire but a need. Two weeks later my vehicle needed a new engine. We were still optimistic having a truck we used to pull our camping trailer and of course our motorcycles. Well, my motorcycle’s maintenance bill was over $1000.00. Soon after having my motorcycle fixed the truck’s transmission began to slip. Our vehicles had become our financial challenge.

The Blessing of multiple revenue streams

Fortunately, my wife was employed as an Instructional Coach at a school. We owned and I had some GIG’s. I did special jobs constructing a teaching garden at my buddy’s farm. Mike, my buddy, had taught me how to install drip irrigation systems which I did as a subcontractor. I began growing Shiitake Mushrooms in January which brought in some cash in the fall. Then the school where my wife worked needed a substitute teacher.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Having a job or owning a business does not always provide the finances needed at a specific time. Having multiple streams of income is a blessing and a need. When the job ends, retirement comes, the paychecks stop. I do not believe anyone can save enough money to retire young and live as long as people are today. I know several people who have outlived their savings. Savings are necessary and definitely a start. Having a means of consistent income is the secret. Make it your goal to begin a GIG in 2018.

Your Friends,

Mike and Tim



Take the opportunity to share your life lessons

Starting The New Year Right

The fall and winter months are a time of celebrations, family and the ending of another year. This year beginning in the fall have brought a much different closure to the year than I have ever experienced.

It was a Saturday in the middle of October. My wife and I were having a conversation during lunch about the upcoming winter months.  Our business activities began in mid January and we were busy all season long. We were beginning the last quarter of the year when our business usually tapers down. Owning a business specializing in motorcycle wash and detailing products, understandably winter is a slower season for business. Beginning in early winter most motorcycle owners winterize their bikes and begin preparing for the next riding season.

Following our conversation about our year of business the topic changed to her role as Instructional Coach and the school where she worked.  She told me about some of the students and the challenges she had become aware of. Now as Instructional Coach she had a greater awareness of the entire school, the students, and the challenges the teachers were facing. The stories of her interactions with the students, especially the young men were very enlightening. Many of the male students were being raised by single mothers. Most of the teachers were female so these boys were not given the opportunity to identify with a male in a role of authority.  Soon she had me agreeing to apply to become a substitute teacher at her school.

I went to her school the next week and applied to become a substitute teacher. Following my approval I was  given my first substitute teaching assignment for the following week. During my interview I told them I could substitute one possibly two days a week. My desire was to substittuet four to six days a month. This is an example of just one of the many benefits of owning your own business. As a business owner you get to schedule your hours, work when you choose, although the work still needs to get done. I believe so much in being in business for yourself I have started a Gig Business Group.

My first assignment was teaching a 5th grade class. When I rode my motorcycle to work that October morning the temperature was in the 40’s. Riding a motorcycle caught the attention of the parents ans students as well. Seeing a motorcycle in the parking lot, on a cold weekday morning was just a little different.

The class began with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence, then the days announcements. Some of the students were lest than actively involved during the pledge which as a Veteran I did not appreciate. Following the announcement it was our first teachable moment. I began by introducing myself and telling them a little about my life- including serving in the Army. When they knew a little about me, my desire to share with them some life lessons I had learned. we addressed the Pledge of Allegiance and our Flag. I shared with them their opportunity to attend school, especially the girls, which wasn’t true for other parts of the world. I educated them on what the Flag represented, how each soldier takes an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

Opportunities with hidden blessings

Following my scheduled days to substitute I was asked it I would consider being a long-term substitute for 6th and 7th grade math. This was a challenging request, math was not my major, I did not want to fail the students. The school staff did not want a rotation of substitute teachers. The principle was certified in math and would develop the lesson plans while guiding me with instruction and lesson applications. I looked over my schedule and upcoming commitments, then agreed to serve as a long term sub through the end of the year.

My first day of class was challenging. The students were challenging the substitute. The next day and each following the students began to understand me and I them. They learned from the first day my priority of respect, attention to detail, and personal discipline did not end with my military service. The second week was much better, entering the third week they had accepted me. They realized I was their for their benefit. I was told by several student, “You really want to teach us math, you want us to learn”. These words were enough to make a grown man shed a tear.

Veterans Day was special. The entire homeroom made me a banner for my service. Two girls proudly gave me a card they had made thanking  me for serving. Each day was an opportunity to teach real world lessons. One day we discussed a fast food restaurant employees inability to make change. Another day we discussed how algebra is used everyday by police in accident investigations. I was able to share how understanding graphs and coordinates translate to business, even military service. I was able to share with them how much I now value education which while I was their age I took it for granted.

Freedom is never Free!

I was able to teach some students. I would like to offer you an opportunity to teach others as you go. The Veterans Administration on November 29, 2017 has announced they are now issuing a national Veterans ID Card. This is not the medical card. This is strictly an ID Card recognizing your service. This card is to be used in lieu of a DD214 to document your service to receive discounts at retailers. When you use this card this is your opportunity to educate those with whom you have contact. We must remind our fellow citizens Freedom is not Free! To request your VIC, Veterans must visit, click on Apply for Printed Veterans ID Card.

See you on the “Open Road”,

Moto-Tec-it Tim



Working a job or working a gig…What’s the difference?

Discretionary Spending

Working a job is what most American do to make a living. Many of us begin working while in high school, some graduate college (approx 25%) and then work becomes our means to make a living.

Working for someone has it benefits. Business owners are the ones taking the risks. Their business is more dependent on them than their employees, and they are the ones that get to work the most hours. Business owners have to deal with taxes, regulations, and a host of business-related issues many never know.

Working for someone also has limitations. Working hours are the discretion of the owner/manager. Income is limited due to expectations and allowances for other employees. The paycheck you receive is after taxes and deductions leaving you to live on that which the government and the business dictates.

Working a GIG allows you to determine your hours. Income is limited by choice, not by others. Your paycheck is what you dictate. Owning a business allows you to deduct legitimate business-related expenses. This means you can deduct that car, your meals if you can show a business connection, and so much more. In summary, you get to live on the first part of your earning, the government gets whats left.

Owning a business allows you freedom, the opportunity to determine your own fate and it also allows you to grow your retirement instead of saving for retirement. You have the opportunity to develop a cash flow for as long as you want. This is important because I know several people who have outlived their savings and investments. Owning a business, working a GIG allows you to continue to earn even in the twilight years of life. When you work for someone else, when you stop working so does your income. Owning a business does not have to be the same. Once again the choice is yours.

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Remember hope is not a strategy, plan your work, work your plan.

Your friends,

Tim and Mike


Two Lessons Gig Businesses can learn from “Black Friday”

Today is Thanksgiving and Friday following Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year.

“Black Friday” earned its name from the past. Most retail businesses had been operating in the “red” the first part of the year. Friday after Thanksgiving was the day business began to operate in the “black”. Finally breaking even and hopefully making a profit.

Last week Walmart made the announcement that they were raising their digital prices to help support their brick and mortar stores. Their reasoning was shipping costs were negatively affecting their retail stores’ profitability.

Owning a business and dealing with shipping costs, I have learned how much shipping expenses affect profitability. When I order large quantities of product I am able to calculate my per item cost keeping shipping expenses at a manageable level. When I ship only a few products to my customers, shipping costs always negatively affect my net profit. Why, because customers have been trained to expect “free shipping” from many online companies.   Shipping costs always exceeded what customers are willing to pay. (I have a fixed cost for shipping while absorbing the balance in gross profit)

What is your margin?

The takeaway:  make sure your product price margin is able to absorb unexpected costs allowing each sale to be profitable.

The second lesson is to observe what the “big boys” are doing. In the past, on Black Friday most retailers would be actively promoting sale items with deep discounts. This has been the trend, however, this year is remarkably different. Retailers have learned that customers “cherry pick” the sale items and then buy other items elsewhere. The result, although the stores experienced traffic, their profitability was negatively affected. Retailers were taking the lead from grocery stores implementing the concept of a loss leader. This works in an environment with consistent long-term customers but not so well on one-day sales.

Customer Loyalty

The second takeaway: make sure your sale pricing does not draw customers just for the sale, negating customer loyalty. “Groupon” is a good example. Their concept is great, promoting days or times when you want to increase traffic. The problem is “Groupon” users only visit establishments with a “Groupon” special, increasing business but not profits.

Having a Gig Business we must learn from others, their wins and losses. We do not have the deep pockets or the time to make up for past lessons.

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Your friends,

Tim and Mike


Beginning a Gig, Growing a Business

Passion never Obligation

“Work can be a place for grown-ups to have fun.”

My Dad taught me so much, laying the foundation for a successful life, which sadly I realized later in life. My mom would say, “Your Father never meets a stranger.” This is an area of my life in which I am like my dad.

The reason I never meet a stranger is I have had diverse life experiences. I have lived in different countries, experienced different cultures, and have worked a lot of different jobs. My first job was pumping gas, followed by food service, retail, and manual labor work. The hardest job I worked was in a Buggy Shop making leaf springs. I also have a technical education becoming a Dental Laboratory Technician and an academic degree in Education and Sociology. I attribute my career success to education, both in the classroom and on the job.

Necessary Reflection

My work experience allowed me to decide what I did and did not like to do. Some things I have done were fun for the short term, but long term I would dread going to work. Some jobs were great – for a young man but getting older life would be hard.

When my children were entering the work force one of my boys loved playing music. I encouraged him to consider pursuing something in the music field. His response,”Dad, I do not want my relaxation to become work”. Words of wisdom.

It is often expected of school teachers to naturally serve in church or community functions as nursery or children workers. Their passion for kids should never be an obligation to fill a position. This is true for a GIG.

Opportunity does not equal obligation

When choosing to gig make sure it is truly something you enjoy. When gigging while doing something you enjoy, something that recharges you emotionally and renews your energy you will truly thrive. The best way to describe this is to gig out of passion not obligation.

Working a gig into a business the gig must meet three criteria to be successful, a fourth to be financially over the top. Your gig must be manageable. It is always to better to do nothing than to do something poorly. Gigging must be profitable for it to turn into a business. Some people gig because they enjoy their gig. This is often the exception not the rule. For a gig to become a business it must be sustainable. Doing something once is usually not that difficult. Doing something over and over again becomes a challenge. When a gig becomes scale-able and now others are working for you, that is when a gig business is over the top.

Your friend,

Moto-Tec-it Tim


Gig Business Group sponsored by

Moto-Tec-it sponsors Gig Business Group

Everything is about the economy! Brick and Mortar stores were the traditional economy. Digital Platforms then became the new economy, was one. With the recent advancements in technology and communications, a Gig Economy is possible. Economists predicte 40% of the population will be earning a living by gigging in 2020.

Customers use products having personally experienced the results. Dealers will offer products knowing what the products will do for their customers. For Moto-Tec-it to grow, more motorcycle owners need  to experience the results for themselves. Helping customers who want to earn extra money enter into the Gig Economy is one way we can expand our message.

Our customers are passionate about motorcycles. Most of them are working or recently retired. We have been told by our customers, if they could match their passion (motorcycles) and make some extra money, they would jump at the opportunity.

We listened, we responded

Gigging began long before it was named. In the beginning, gigging was mainly musician-based. When experiencing economic hard times the general public began to seek ways to make some extra cash. Now big business has embraced, endorsed, and expanded the Gig Economy.

A major benefit of the Gig Economy is it’s an option for everyone. You can gig everywhere to make some extra money. There is no limit to what you do, no ideal gig, anything is an option. How much or how little you gig is up to you. Where and when you gig, is up to you. Gigging is complete freedom.

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Moto-Tec-it Tim and Mike the Teaching Farmer


Two days to remember in September

Never Forget

We are privileged to live in the United States of America. A country that never forgets, a country that chooses to remember.

This month are two important days of remembrance. Two days when our nation stops to honor heroes and victims.

September 11th

On Monday September 11, we will honor and remember first responders and the victims of that tragic day in September 2001. The beautiful morning when our nation was attacked in New York City at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon in Washington, DC and a farmer’s field in Pennsylvania.

Monday, September 11th all across our nation, communities will come together, stopping to remember the tragic morning which shocked our country. First Responders will be recognized and honored for their service and the security and comfort they provide to our communities.

Prayers will be offered, our Nation’s Flag will be flown at half staff, patriotic songs and hymns will be sung, wreaths will be laid. On this day, the ceremony is a time to stop, remember, and bestow honor to the heroes, victims, and first responders of that terrible day of September 11, 2001.

As the father of a Sheriff’s Deputy this day is especially important to me. I remember that September morning in 2001 when he, his brother and sister, and I were sitting in our living room watching the news on TV. I remember the significance of the moment. The fear and uncertainty that was brought to our hearts and minds. I remember saying, “Your lives are forever changed. Never again will America be the same”. I told them, “This is not only an attack against America, it is an attack on the American Values, of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness and our foundation of faith.”

National POW/MIA Remembrance Day

The following Friday September 15, 2017 on National Remembrance Day, American Legion Post 57 will host a ceremony at 1100 hrs in Veterans Memorial Park, Newnan, Georgia. Our National Remembrance Day ceremony will be different from ceremonies you may have attended before. As in other ceremonies prayers will be offered, our Nation’s Flag will be honored, respect will be rendered, proclamations will be read, but a table for 6 is set, yet the table remains empty.

Why six place settings you ask? That is a great question. Each place setting represents each of the five branches of Military Service: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The sixth place setting is for civilians.

The table is round to represent an everlasting concern. A white tablecloth represents the purity of motives as do the stripes on our flag. A red rose is in a vase in the center of the table reminding us of each life that remains to be accounted for. The vase has a yellow ribbon symbolizing our continued determination to account for each and every missing man. A slice of lemon is on the bread plate to remind us of their bitter fate captured or missing in a foreign land. Salt on the plate symbolizes the many tears shed by loved ones and brothers in arms. A Bible on the table reminds us of our service to a country founded as a nation under God. The glasses are inverted, our brothers are not able to toast with us. The chairs are empty, they are still missing and unaccounted for. The table remains empty, our POW and MIA heroes cannot sit and eat with us.

Take a moment giving thanks

Unlike many ceremonies this one is different because each time we sit down at a table to enjoy a meal we can now stop and remember. We remember those who cannot enjoy a meal with us. We remember those who have served our country so we may experience the freedom we have, yet they have not yet come home. We remember those family members who have yet to receive word or confirmation regarding their loved ones whom they said good-bye and never were able to be welcomed home.

This September please consider attending one or both of these events in your community. If we do not support and promote the things that make this country great, who will?

See you on the “Open Road”,

Moto-Tec-it Tim


Buy Made in U.S.A from a Veteran-Owned Business

This week is Buy American, Hire American.

Formulated for motorcycles, cleans and shines as promised, Made in America, a Veteran-owned business.

Formulated for Motorcycles: Safe for paint, chrome, plastic, vinyl and leather

Cleans and shines as promised: Unique releasing agents, jewelers polish, streak free formula

Made in America: Formulated in K.C.M.O

Veteran-Owned: Honored to have served

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