Motorcycle detailing products specifically formulated for motorcycles.

Gigging a Service or a Product

What’s your gig? Is your gig a service or a product? Gigs exist in many forms and every gig is different. Service gigs involve labor and must generate revenue to compensate for all the time required to complete the gig. Ultimately, everyone is compensated for their time.

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Gig Business Benefits

Tax Day 2018 has passed. April 15th Federal Income Tax Day (this year April 17) is the one day a year when most people accurately see their total income for the previous year. Tax day is when the government determines how much of the income hard working

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Work does not have to be a burden to endure

A Place for Grownups Work can be a place for grownups to play while earning a living. People work to earn a living. Making friends while having fun, work can become like the playground of our childhood. Remember playgrounds? There were some playgrounds where I never wanted

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Our newest GIG, Natural Fungus Blocker

Gigging is fun! We have launched our newest product, Natural Fungus Blocker. NFB is a product every person growing plants in a humid climate zone will benefit from. “When growing plants in a humid climate, it is not a matter of if but when, you will need 

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Building and growing your business

Working the business Business owners wear many hats. People starting a GIG soon learn how much time and energy is spent completing activities never anticipated. The GIG is the fun and easy part – getting to the point of doing our gig – is the challenge. This

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Do you use a spray cleaner on your motorcycle?

Spray and Wipe Many motorcycle owners wash their motorcycles using a spray-on then wipe-off cleaner. Have you ever taken a moment and thought about this process and the paint? When your motorcycle has just a light dust from sitting in the garage this type of product works

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What could your GIG look like in just 5 years

Time is the Multiplier There is a Bamboo plant that is absolutely amazing and a great metaphor or anyone wanting to begin a GIG, start a business or achieve success in any given field. The bamboo plant requires a dedicated individual with a consistent and persistent mindset.

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A New Year provides an opportunity for a New Career!

Hope is not a Strategy Out with the old, in with the new. This is the time of year when many of us take inventory. Inventory of our lives, finances, dreams, and goals. This past year provided my wife and me challenges with blessings to match. We

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Take the opportunity to share your life lessons

Starting The New Year Right The fall and winter months are a time of celebrations, family and the ending of another year. This year beginning in the fall have brought a much different closure to the year than I have ever experienced. It was a Saturday in

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Working a job or working a gig…What’s the difference?

Discretionary Spending Working a job is what most American do to make a living. Many of us begin working while in high school, some graduate college (approx 25%) and then work becomes our means to make a living. Working for someone has it benefits. Business owners are the

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