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Puppies, Dog Pee, and Dog Urine Smell

Puppies and Dog Pee

The gift of a new puppy or dog for Christmas is wonderful, the dog pee not so much. Puppies and dogs become excited and/or anxious when they join a family. Their excitement and anxiety lead to accidents which cause dog urine smell in carpets.

Learning from experience is the best way to learn. One year one of my children got a puppy for Christmas who was housebroken before Christmas morning. Friends of the family kept the puppy at their house at night, during the day while the children were at school the puppy was at home being introduced to the home and potty trained.

Not everyone can have friends willing to take on that responsibility. When you bring home a puppy or dog, life is much better when dog pee issues are anticipated. Training from the beginning is easier than correcting bad habits.

One of the greatest mistakes made in puppy training is the use of dog pee pads. Using pee pads is training the new member of the family it is good to pee on the pad. The pad contains the pee but the undesirable behavior of the puppy peeing in the house is reinforced each time the dog pees.

Dog Urine Smell

The best training to eliminate dog pee and dog urine smell is the tried and proven method.

Manage the times your puppy or dog eats and drinks water developing a routine. When your dog eats food or drinks water take them outside to a defined area to relieve themselves.

It is important to maintain a routine feeding your dog at approximately the same time every day then taking them out to the same area to do their business.

While in the training time when accidents occur use a pet urine eliminator. Some products mask the odor without eliminating the cause – dog urine.

P-U-E (Pet Urine Eliminator) eliminates the dog urine and contains natural deodorizers in the formula.

P-U-E is sold in a 32 oz spray bottle and available in two scents, Apple Blossom or Lavender Vanilla.

Training your dog from the beginning requires time and commitment. A little time now will return wonderful benefits in the future. Creating a routine while praising your puppy each time they do as trained, your dog will want to please you in the future.

When a man trains his dog, his dog is man’s best friend! To start right from the beginning of dog ownership you can purchase your bottle of P-U-E here Pet Urine Eliminator. Be sure to choose your scent or buy one of each.

You will find we offer eco-friendly cleaning products which make cleaning safer, easier, and faster. Many dog owners realize using nature-based cleaning products is best for their pets.

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Fellow dog lover,



Motorcycle Community, Veterans, Conviction

Motorcycle Community

If you are a lone rider, ride with a few friends, or ride with a club, you are also part of the motorcycle community at large.

Motorcycle community members experience riding appreciating the freedom riding provides, understanding the challenges of traffic and the inconvenience of weather, yet choosing to live life doing what we do.

Being a part of the much larger motorcycle community displays itself every time we ride. While out riding approaching or passing another rider it is customary to acknowledge one another.  This acknowledgement might be in a subtle nod, a hand signal, or laid back wave. Each and every time we acknowledge another rider we are acknowledging our community membership.

The motorcycle community has many different looks and is in a process of change. For many outsiders the motorcycle community is mainly made up of the hardcore biker. Today the hardcore riders are the 1% clubs. No longer does this generalization of riders accurately represent the community.

Today you have motorcycle clubs (MC’s), riding clubs (RC’s) and faith based or interest based riding groups. These groups are diverse in themselves with each having a different passion and mission.

The community has also changed by gender. Women now make up almost 18 percent of riders. With the lady rider segment growing faster than the community itself, they will naturally make a significant contribution to what the community will look like in the near future.

The annual sale of motorcycles also indicates a change in process. For example, the sales of larger displacement motorcycles with higher cost have slowed while the 500-750 cc displacements have increased. With the styles of motorcycles changing so have how their riders gather for fellowship. The new generation of rider is more likely to meet at a hipster establishment, riding a cafe motorcycle, wanting to socialize more than ride.

Veterans A Community within a Community

A Veteran, young or old, is part of a community within the motorcycle community. The community to which we belong is a 1% community. Our community is our brothers and sisters in arms who along with us took an oath. The oath we took to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States with our lives if necessary.

For the first time in the history of the United States of America, there are people alive today who do not have an immediate family member serving in the military, nor do they even know a Veteran. For this reason I am a member of The American Legion Riders and proudly wear a patch of our Flag and one stating I am a Veteran.


This fall having the honor and privilege to participate in Remembrance Day (September 11th), Veterans Day November 11th), National POW/MIA Day (November 16th) and Wreaths Across America (December 22nd), I realized the unconditional beliefs of my life never changed.

Having lived in France, Germany, and The Panama Canal Zone as a child, I experienced what few others have. Traveling to different countries, working in various occupations, encountering different people with different beliefs, different socio-economic status, my core remained.

My core remained because a core is not just a belief, it is a conviction. A conviction becomes the foundation for each decision made.  When I reflected on the events listed above, along with life challenges many of us face, I became aware of the foundation of my core.

My core is conviction in God as Creator of All Things. Jesus the Christ is my Lord and Savior. The United States of America is a great country, worth dying for as so many have done. Our Founding Fathers believed in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness which was endowed by our Creator God. The Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, and The Constitution of The United States of America are the foundation of all that I am.

The New Year is upon us with many making resolutions. It came to my attention that 80 percent of people making resolutions will stop doing what they resolved to do within 21 days. Only 8% will achieve their goal. This means 12 percent will continue with their resolution while never crossing the finish line. I crossed the finish line once, dying in a hospital having to be revived. From that day I made a personal commitment to remain steadfast to my core. Will you do the same today?

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Happy New Year ride safe,

Moto-Tec-it Tim



Thanksgiving a Time of Reflection

Thank You

My wife Jodi and I are the owners of We are truly thankful for so very much. We are thankful for our faith, family, friends and the life we share together.

Having the privilege of business ownership is beyond words. We believe we provide awesome products but if if wasn’t for our customers we would not enjoy the life we do.

Providing products Made in America is important to us. Serving our country in the Army was both an honor and experience I will always cherish. Having the freedom of speech and religion will never be taken for granted.

We share our story to give God glory, for His providence or our faith, family, work and play. We are both honored to enjoy the roles and responsibilities we do.

Jodi is an Instructional Support Specialist helping to educate students our future leaders. Business ownership allows me to substitute at her school, to be active in our community through the Chamber of Commerce, serve as Commander of American Legion Post 57 Newnan, and we are able to share our story through our platform Pearls of

It is because of you and the opportunities our country provides we are able to do the things we do. There are many other small business owners like us who really want to make our communities stronger and do so by their service and contributions.

As business owners we know how important each and every purchase by a customer is. This is why we make it a practice to buy from small businesses providing American made products.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Moto-Tec-it Tim



Do you walk with a limp?

My question, “Do you walk with a limp?” is not about walking. During the journey through life, each of us encounters trials and storms which will have an influence on our lives. These storms and their influence may be for our good or our detriment. This is why the foundation on which we build our lives is crucial.

When the foundation of our life is strong and secure, we will weather the storms of life. Having a sound foundation we often come through the storm without lasting effects, although memories will remain. If our foundation is not secure, never tested, the storms of life can crush us – leaving open wounds.

We cannot thrive in life attempting to live with open wounds. Open wounds limit our ability to fully embrace life. Healed wounds might leave scars. Scars remind us where we have been, not where we are going.

The focus of many churches today is the 4-14 window. The 4-14 window references the statistic that t80% of Christ Followers make the decision to do so between the ages of 4 and 14. Unfortunately, with many churches focusing on children and youth, they leave adolescents and adults to figure things out on their own.

When children and youth become followers of Christ at a young age their faith is complete. Complete although not tested. When our faith is tested, we must rely on our knowledge and understand of the character of God and his word, “Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.” Heb 5:13

This is the reason Mounted Eagles Motorcycle Ministry and other ministries exist – to minister to the members of the community other churches miss. Understanding many members in our community do not have a church to call home, we desire to be a resource, a trusted friend.

As a veteran and motorcycle rider, I identify with both communities. As a member of both communities, I have observed similarities. Veterans often have a difficult time reconciling their past with the sermons they hear in church. Church members find it hard to relate to or accept the veterans. Veterans and motorcyclists often do not conform to what many church members think of when describing a typical church member.

When a person is not accepted by the church body, they will choose to not attend. Not attending church, the individual misses the opportunity to develop or reinforce their foundation for life, what one believes or considers valuable. When the storms come, and our values have not been established or reinforced, poor choices and bad decision are made.

This became reality for my veteran community this month. A member of our community encountered multiple storms and personal challenges. Not having a church body, withdrawing from his community, isolating himself, he ended up committing suicide. (Approximately 22% of suicides are Veterans).

Not long ago a motorcyclist in our community was killed during a charity ride. When his family was planning his funeral he had no church home, no minister to call. These times happen more than we realize or admit.

Presiding over a funeral is challenging, more so when the deceased is a stranger. Last year I was asked to speak at a veteran’s funeral. These events are why I choose to minister to the members and friends of my community. During these difficult times I am able to come alongside the ones grieving, as a friend, offering encouragement and a shoulder. We discuss faith, share truth from the word of God and pray. It is during these times hearts and minds are seeking comfort. Comfort from the only one able to provide complete comfort and peace, Jesus the Christ.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving give thanks, then He will give the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Phil 4: 6-10

We are available if you have questions, request prayer or want to support our ministry.

“Many serve, the servant with a limp, ministers.”

Your fellow Follower of Christ,

Reverend Timothy J. Smith Chaplain (Moto-Tec-it Tim)

Mounted Eagles Motorcycle Ministry




Dirty motorcycle? Why use Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes?

Liquid on road grime makes muck

Washing a motorcycle by spraying liquid onto the road grime on a dirty motorcycle makes muck. When the wet muck is wiped up with a dry solid cloth, the cloth traps the grime against the surface. The grime might be gone but often a residue remains.

Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes are non-woven pre-saturated wipes. The “non-woven” wipe design captures the grime in the wipe. Removing the grime from the surface before a light buffing protects the surface. The cleaning agents in the wipes (Wipe-on) with the jewelers polish remaining after the grime is removed (Wipe-off) polishes the surface revealing the shine.

Watch the video  Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes


Shine while riding on the Open Road,

Moto-Tec-it Tim


Business ownership requires multiple talents

What Hat to Wear When

Owning and operating a small business requires someone to wear a lot of different hats throughout the day. Many business owners agree one of the benefits of business ownership is no two days are alike.

“Routine is wonderful until it becomes a rut, a grave with both ends missing.” Tim Smith

In my past career, a company I worked for hired a consulting firm to help focus the company’s sales force. During lunch, I was able to speak with the consultant inquiring how the company he worked for won the contract. I learned, during our conversation, that Roger was actually the owner of the consulting firm. His ownership of the company caught me by surprise because his business card only had the title “Consultant”. I learned that he wanted to be seen as an employee, not the consulting firm owner, believing this allowed for more honest interactions with his clients.

Roger and I were able to speak after the training and again a few weeks later. I learned from him the importance of being knowledgeable and competent in the multiple facets of a business. He taught me it wasn’t necessary for me to be the expert, but knowledgeable enough to know when I needed to hire an expert.

No one knows your business better than you. This is the first learning Roger taught me. Knowing my business I also know who needs the products or services I offer. Product knowledge is necessary for successful marketing. Marketing is creating the buzz which later results in sales. Sales done well results in profit and sustainability.

Every day I wear many hats for, from inventory management to customer retention all the while developing a manageable, profitable, sustainable business and every facet in between.

Your friend,

Moto-Tec-it Tim



Gig Businesses – choose your bank wisely

The war on cash

Business owners choose your financial institution wisely! Did you know there is a war on cash?

“Tim, never let the U.S Government do away with the penny. Tim if the penny goes away, it is only a matter of decimal points.” Walter V. Smith, Comptroller 24 years

Two large banks are waging war on cash in the United States. These two banks have implemented policies, which although subtle, are controlling. These policies will have an adverse effect on small businesses. One bank has America in their name, the other began as a six-horse stagecoach.

These cash policies are intended to limit, while tracking, cash transactions. Banks become more profitable by limiting cash transactions. Limiting or eliminating cash, banks reduce labor hours and personnel requirements. When financial transactions are digitized, less time and labor is spent counting, dispersing, and managing cash.

Requiring personal identification to deposit funds into a bank account is an invasion of privacy. Recently I made a deposit to my account consisting of three checks, and $50.00 cash, for a total of $125.oo. This deposit was on a personalized deposit ticket issued by the bank. To make the deposit of $50.00 cash into my account, my personal identification was required. Understandably, excessively large sums of cash should be accounted for but $50? One bank even limits individuals making deposits into an account to be a signature on the account. (This means a business cannot have an employee make deposits into a business bank account, or a parent depositing funds into a child’s account)

Small business is a major revenue generator for the local economy, often in cash. Financial institutions exist to support businesses and must earn our business. We are expected to trust banks with our money, shouldn’t they be expected to trust their depositors?

Moto-Tec-it Tim


Customers Appreciate Products Made in the U.S.A.

Products Made in U.S.A.

Surveys confirm customers in the United States prefer to purchase products Made in U.S.A. Customers when asked also prefer to purchase their products and services from Veteran-Owned Businesses.

Global Impact on local economies was the topic during a recent monthly meeting of our Chamber of Commerce. The meeting facilitator asked, “What recent events come to mind pertaining to Global Impact on our economy”?

The first response was “tariffs”. The facilitator followed up this response asking, “How do you think businesses in our community responded when asked how they believe their business would be affected be tariffs”.

When the Chamber questioned local businesses, the consensus among  the chamber members surveying, believed most businesses would have a negative perspective. The survey confirmed the opposite. All of the  businesses surveyed anticipated little or no impact. In fact, businesses were in favor of the tariffs. Their reasoning, material costs are relatively fixed whereas labor costs are much more significant while much more difficult to compete against.

When consumers purchase Made in USA products they are supporting our economy. Purchasing products from a small business, is fueling the engine, which drives our economy. When customers support small businesses they are making a difference in their local economy. Supporting a Veteran-Owned business is one way to promote service to our country while thanking those whom have served.

Your friend,

Moto-Tec-it Tim


Gig Business Group.



Gigging a Service or a Product

What’s your gig?

Is your gig a service or a product? Gigs exist in many forms and every gig is different.

Service gigs involve labor and must generate revenue to compensate for all the time required to complete the gig. Ultimately, everyone is compensated for their time. Professionals charge hourly or for a procedure, employees are paid by the hour.

When pricing a gig consider the preparation time (getting everything together for the gig), travel time (to and from the gig) and the incidental expenses incurred. These small, seemingly insignificant, expenses will add up during the course of a year. If you were to add up the total of your seemingly insignificant expenses and divide them by your hourly compensations you will begin to see how important tracking expenses make a difference in your profitability.

Gigging a product is much different than gigging a service. Product gigging can be passive, (listing products and letting them sell themselves), or active, (promoting and demonstrating them to potential clients). Product gigiging is usually easier to determine profitability because product costs are fixed with packing and shipping the main incidental expenses. When selling a product, compensation for time is still part of the equation, although to a much lesser extent.

Compensation follows either the service being rendered or the product being received. With a service gig when the gig stops so does the revenue. Product gigs can continue to provide a stream of income long after the promotion and demonstration is completed.

In closing have both types of gigs, both have their benefits and shortfalls. I would encourage everyone to find a gig and join the world of entrepreneurs. It is the most rewarding while challenging aspect of business.


Moto-Tec-it Tim



Gig Business Benefits

Tax Day 2018 has passed. April 15th Federal Income Tax Day (this year April 17) is the one day a year when most people accurately see their total income for the previous year. Tax day is when the government determines how much of the income hard working people make is left for them to spend and live on. This is not the case for business owners – People working a GIG.


Business generates revenue, as do individuals, but business operating expenses are deducted before tax liability is determined. This means a business is able to deduct their expenses, the costs of doing business allowing more discretionary spending. Business expenses include cost of goods sold, capital investments, auto expenses, mileage, repairs, meals and entertainment, lodging, and even clothing when the expense is business necessary.


How does this affect a GIG Business? When you work a gig you are able to deduct those business expenses which decrease your tax liability. In essence you determine how much you spend of the revenue you generate, allowing the government to get the leftovers.


Your friend,


Moto-Tec-it Tim