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Boys and Their Toys

Boys and Their Toys

Boys and Their Toys

In 2012 attending a motorcycle rally in the North Georgia Mountains a man told me a story I will never forget.

We were attending the rally selling our Moto-Tec-it cleaning and detailing products when a new customer began to share his story from earlier in the week.

He was in his driveway washing his motorcycles when his 10 year old neighbor asked him a question.

Boy: “Mister why do you have so many motorcycles?”

Man: “Do you play with the same toy every day?”

Boy: “Oh no I have a lot of toys I play with.”

Man: “Why don’t you play with the same toy every day?”

Boy:  “Because that would be boring and no fun.”

Man: “That is the same reason why I have different motorcycles. I can ride a different one when I want. Each is different even though they might look the same. I am able to ride a different one when I want having fun and not be bored.”

Boy: “Oh, I really like your motorcycles.”

This story stuck we me because as we grow older we often lose perspective about things and living life to the fullest.

A New Perspective

Each of us has things it is part of life. The question is do we have things or do our things have us? When we are bond to things, whatever they may be, we miss the chance to experience new perspectives and true joy without guilt.

Buying anything brand new is a joy in itself. Soon when the newness wears off, the commitment remains and can become a burden. My dad always taught me “to keep my options open” which is why I always buy used cars and motorcycles.

When I was younger the first motorcycle I bought in 1977 was a Honda 550/4. Later I rode a Harley Sportster and a Triumph Bonneville.

My son began riding in 2011 which is when I caught the bug again Here is his 1967 Triumph Bonneville.

2011 I bought a blast from the past, a Yamaha 1979 XS1100.

2012 we needed a camping scooter so we added a 1979 Honda Elite 150

2013 I found a new toy, a 2001 BMW R1150GS

2014 we decided we need a bike to demo our Made in U.S.A detailing and cleaning products. 1979 Triumph Thunderbird.

Like my friend in the story, I like different toys because they bring different joys. I am looking at a Royal Enfield      as my next ride to take with us when we go camping. My toys are wonderful, but the fun and joy they bring only lasts so long.

Life’s Challenges

What happens when we can’t ride because of health, finances, or a pandemic?  This is when life becomes real. We begin to assess what is truly important, what lasts and that which is only glitter.

In 2012 during surgery the doctors had to preform maneuvers to revive me. Fortunately I had learned long ago not to focus only on that which the sun shines, but on the one Son, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Following this event when driving home my wife made the statement, “I could have driven home as a widow”. Her statement clarified our new reality, our lives were forever changed.

It was a few days later when we began to make changes in our life after looking at our monthly obligations and where we were spending the majority of our time and money. We downsize our home and expenses by more than two thirds over the next two years allowing us to invest in ourselves and the dreams we share.

The changes we made allowed us pursue the dreams and aspirations we had forgotten or believed impossible. My riding motorcycles again led us acquiring Moto-Tec-it from a family member. Later we founded a platform for our ministry of books and resources we have authored.

My Pastor at the beginning of this pandemic challenged our congregation to consider whether we would be consumers or contributors to our community and country during this time and following. We may not change the world but we can make a difference in the lives of others. It only requires a time with intention.

Everyone’s life has been forever changed by the Corona-virus Pandemic. This is an opportunity for everyone to determine what is truly important; how they will live the rest of the life they are given.

It is my prayer that you will find the peace and comfort that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Enjoy the ride while embracing life,

Moto-Tec-it Tim

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A New Year Resolution to Ride More

A New Year Resolution to Ride More

Resolutions and Diets

Every resolution does not come to fulfillment, just as does every diet does not last. Resolutions and diets are begun with the best of intentions but success requires more. I tell people I don’t believe in diets because the first three letters will kill you.

Many people made a resolution at the beginning of the New Year to ride more. Unfortunately, many of these good intentions have already been forgotten or given up on. The reasons why resolutions are not completed are many, here a few.

Best of Intentions

Making a resolution is more than having the best of intentions. A resolution is more than having a desire for change or improvement. Having a desire to make changes does not mean a plan has been made, strategies are in place, or contingencies have been made. To resolve is when conviction drives determination. Conviction combined with determination will inspire the individual to learn how to make change happen. Change begins with a plan, developing strategies and consider contingents if needed.


Time is one of the most important benchmarks to consider in every endeavor. Research reveals it takes a minimum of twenty-one days to develop a habit, just three days to break a habit. Habits are only the beginning of lasting change.

A new habit must transition into a routine. This is why the first twenty-one days are so very significant. When the first milestone of twenty-one days is achieved, making adjustments along the way, a habit becomes a routine. After a routine has been developed it must then morph into a lifestyle- riding more.

Earlier I joked about why I don’t believe in diets – the first three letters of the word. My true reason is because diets are about what we will not eat or do. Most diets are about eliminating certain foods. This will work for a while but imagine never again eating pizza or ice cream again. Riding more is not about eliminating things from our schedule, it is making time to ride.

Existing or Thriving

Resolving to make change happen by cutting out most anything will work for the short-term. If you ask most people following through on a resolution based on total elimination of things they enjoy how they are doing most will say they are surviving. The reason they are only surviving is because they are focused on what not to do. They are just existing and maintaining but certainly not thriving. In order for anything to become a lifestyle it must be because it is what we will do and why we will do it. This is what makes the difference for change to last so we are able to ride more.

Riding more will happen when we focus on why we ride. Riding more helps me to feel better, I have a chance to gain a new perspective and relax as I enjoy the wind. When I am riding with friends I get to connect with people outside of work. Having friends from different walks of life broadens our world view.

To improve the quality of life requires change. Change should be because we are striving for excellence in all things. When excellence, not perfection, is our goal every aspect of our life will improve beginning with relationships.The key to better relationships is when we know better, we can do better. Doing better in small things makes every aspect of life better.  By paying attention to small things, the big things take care of themselves.

See You on The Open Road,

Moto-Tec-it Tim


Tragedy Brought the Community Together

Communities with a Community

Recently a local motorcycle establishment experienced a tragedy which brought the entire community together.

It was a Friday night when a patron of the establishment was forcibly removed by security. The individual removed had been causing problems with customers when security became involved. Once the individual had been removed, a member of the security staff went to his car to insure the individual left the premises. Unfortunately the removed party had other intentions.

The individual went to a car and secured a firearm. He then turned around with the intention to re-enter to the establishment. The member of security, who had been observing from inside his car, was shot by the irate individual as he attempted to re-enter the establishment.

When the individual was removed the local police were notified. Police arrived on the scene moments after the member of security had been shot. Police apprehended and arrested the individual who shot the member of security while he was sitting in his car.

In a matter of hours the incident was brought to the attention of the motorcycle community. The motorcycle community, two years before, formed CAM a non-profit organization to support members of the motorcycle community during times of need.

A Local Hero

Having been shot four times, putting his own life before the customers and employees of the establishment, Ben became identified as a local hero. The members of CAM rolled the throttle as the motorcycle community joined together to support Ben.


Ben and his family were surrounded by fellow riders offering their support. As the motorcycle community became one, the other organizations and communities within our community joined in to help. The local American Legion and V.F.W. in conjunction with Harley Davidson and local motorcycle shops scheduled a ride to raise much needed funds. Businesses, churches and charities gave their support providing resources and funds to help out the local hero.

On the day of the ride there were more than 250 riders, a police escort, and more than $20,000 dollars were raised to help with the medical bills and financial loss. This was the largest outpouring of support within our community for a fellow rider. This tragedy brought communities together while the image of motorcycle riders was changed in many minds within the community.

A Pastor taught me before anyone cares what you know; first they must know how much you care. Bens’ tragedy represents what happened within our community. The community learned about the heat of the riders, and riders learned the heart of the community. Each learned from the other, providing a foundation of mutual appreciation. A tragedy brought the motorcycle community together as various communities joined together for a common cause.

Your friend,

MotoTec-it Tim

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A Ride Can Change Your Life

A Ride Can Change Your Life

I had the opportunity to take a ride without a set destination or time frame. I found myself riding through the country-side south of Atlanta. For those of us who ride knows riding is the chance to experience nature and visit sites normally missed or past. On my ride this was a place I chose to visit. My visit brought to my mind memories.

I married at twenty-four, becoming a husband and father on the same day.  While raising a family life was busy for the next several years. As my career progress and my children grew older life was work, family, church, and kids activities and events. My wife and I came from very different backgrounds. Although our backgrounds were vastly different my wife and I agreed family and faith were crucial foundations on which to raise children.

During the early years while raising a family life was chaotic. There seemed to always be more days in a month than dollars in the bank. Job changes, financial challenges, and the loss of parents were hard times. Having faith was the only thing that carried us through the rough times.  Faith had carried me through some difficult times but my faith was challenged when my marriage ended in divorce. My faith had been challenged, but it was my faith that carried me from the first part of my life to the life I live now.

Considering it is the oldest and longest covered bridge in Georgia many motorcycle rides include this as one of the stops during a ride. Riding for many of us provides a sense of freedom, the chance to clear our minds, gaining a fresh perspective.

Looking at the bridge I realized without the bridge life would have been much more difficult. The day I visited Red Oak Bridge the water was calm. Hanging from the bridge was a rope for kids to swing on and play in the cool water. The bridge was there for people to cross from one side to the other- during days like today and during the time of storms. The bridge was covered allowing those crossing even in the worst of storms to be safe and free from fear.

A Bridge of Faith

For many this is only a bridge. For me it is a metaphor for faith. Everyone experiences days that are amazing and wonderful. When times are good we can take for granted the things that make life easier-like a simple bridge. When facing storms, during difficult times when life is the hardest, we really need a bridge. A bridge during the times when we need help to make it through the day.

The issue isn’t if we have faith, but what we place our faith in. While facing the storms of life we realize we cannot make it on our own. Money and things cannot provide peace, or joy when life is seemingly falling apart. It is during these times we understand we need faith in something greater. For me it is my Christian faith which has carried me.

The Christian faith is the faith conveyed to us through scripture of the bible. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. God our Father knew we needed a Savior, a bridge to carry us from death to life. Our Father gave us His son Jesus to be our Savior. Jesus our Savior is the bridge from death to life. Crossing a bridge requires us to have enough faith the bridge built by man will hold until reaching the other side.

Saving faith in Christ has the foundation of the character of God the Father. Our Father, who desires what is best for us, gave us His Son so we may have life. We only have to place our faith in Jesus as our Savior.

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Moto-Tec-it Tim






Our Motorcycle Community Mourned

7 Fatalities

Friday, June 21, 2019 while fellow motorcycle riders were traveling to an American Legion event, their lives were lost in what is said to be the most horrific motorcycle accident on record.

The families and loved ones of those who lost their lives, their friends, and neighbors, were devastated. Our community of riders mourned, for those who served in the armed forces the loss was compounded

When we experience loss, the death of a loved one, a natural disaster, the ending of a relationship, financial ruin, we question and a time of personal reflection follows.

This became evident following this accident. While I was preparing a post for a social media platform about motorcycles I noticed a thread of fellow riders.

The topic of their discussion can be summed up by stating the individuals contributing to the thread were having doubts and questioning  if they should continue to ride motorcycles. The horrific crash which caused the loss of life of 7 fellow riders in a distant state had caused them to question if they should continue to ride.

Honestly, I have asked myself similar questions when someone I know and ride with experiences an accident. We all know life is not without risks. Motorcycling, like any other activity in life, has a level of risk. The secret is to manage the risks and ride with faith.

February 6, 2012 will be a day in my life I will never forget. It was one of those transforming moments. I had not been feeling well for several hours the night before. We had gone out with friends for dinner and an evening of entertainment. Following dinner I felt worse and decided to end the fun and fellowship early. The next morning my wife drove me to the emergency room because my condition had deteriorated. The next thing I knew I was being told I required emergency surgery.

While waiting to be taken back to surgery my wife and I had a few moments alone together. It was a time of sharing our love, telling each other the things we mean to say more often, but life gets in the way. Soon it was time for surgery.

Awaking after surgery is a good thing although those who have experienced it know of the fog effect. It was not until a day later did I understand they had to preform maneuvers to revive me due to my reaction to the anesthesia. Needless to say it was a pivotal moment in life. I had been given a second chance.

A few days later leaving the hospital my wife made the statement, “I could have been driving home a widow”.

Ask “Why”

I am convinced asking why we do, think, and believe the things we do is important and necessary. My reasoning: When you answer the why, what and how you do things matters.

Asking “why” we learn our motives. Once we learn of our motive, we are then able to determine if the consequences are worth the risk. Today society is more interested in the “who”, seldom if ever the “why”.  After a few minutes on any social media platform will validate any doubt you might have.

My wife learned to ride and scored better than I in a motorcycle course we took together. She enjoyed riding, an experience she never would have imagined every attempting. After riding for a couple of years and hearing of friends having accidents she has chosen not to ride any longer. After asking the why she rode question, she decided it was no longer her desire.

I stated earlier when we ask the why of what we do, think, and believe, what and how we do things matters.

Have you asked why you believe what you do regarding your faith.? We all have faith in something. I have faith someone will read the words I write, or else I wouldn’t write. Faith isn’t the issue we need to answer. The real why questions is why have faith in God?

Jesus while teaching His disciples through the telling of parables addressed this very question. “He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’” Luke 16:31 NIV

This bible passage reveals it is imperative we learn about the Character of God.  When we base or faith on an event or experience when the trials come happens, our faith will falter. If we learn about His Character although we encounter the trials to come, our faith will sustain us. Our faith will sustain because it is based on Gods character, knowledge, and reason.

If you are encountering a storm or trial of life you can find hope and encouragement here.

Because of our customers we are able to provide encouragement and hope through Pearls of

Moto-Tec-it Tim

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Motorcycle Shows, Rallies, Festivals

Motorcycle Shows

Are you planning to attend a  motorcycle show this year? Motorcycle shows are the kickoff to another year of riding. I attended my first motorcycle show 7 years ago.

The first motorcycle show I attended was the Great Atlanta Motorcycle Show. This annual show is held in late January. If you are familiar with Georgia weather you know it is as unpredictable as a cage driver. The  weather leading up to the show was beautiful. My riding friends and I were anticipating a great ride to the show.. The weekend of the show the weather turned cold and wet. Needless to say riding to the show was not an option.

My wife and I drove to the show as did most everyone else who had any distance to travel. We entered the show beginning an experience everyone should try. Thankfully the show was well attended with lots of vendors. The two local motorcycle magazines were represented in great numbers. On the stage bands were performing while the crowd increased during the day.Work the Show

Learn and make friends

One benefit of attending a motorcycle show is meeting and getting to know the people from different resources for the products you plan to buy. Often we find ourselves in a rut using the same old products not knowing there are other options available. By attending a show you have the opportunity to talk and learn about how to and why you should buy one item versus another. The time you invest learning about your options will provide comfort and likely better results with greater satisfaction.

We met old friends and made new ones. One great thing about a motorcycle show is there is something for everyone. Organizations you would expect to be present were there including ABATE, The Patriot Guard, and AMA. CMA along with various riding groups had booths recruiting members. Of course, there were lawyers promoting their services. More importantly there were manufacturers and businesses promoting their products directly to their customers.

The Great Atlanta Motorcycle Show was my first show. After the first year we became a vendor at the Great Atlanta Motorcycle Show and the Easy Rider Show in Nashville.

Daytona The Official Start

Daytona Bike Week is the official start of the riding season. For motorsports enthusiast Daytona is where it all began. When planning to attend Bike Week prepare yourself for fun, friends, experiences, and memories of a lifetime.

Bike Week can be overwhelming. The secret to enjoying Bike Week is to pace yourself. The crowds are huge, lines are long, and the sites – words cannot give it justice. Bikes, people, music, and everything you imagine is present, just more than you imagined. One thing to consider is a short ride to and from the venue will save money and possibly a little of your mind.
Daytona Bike Week is the first, others follow. Remember you don’t have to stay the week.



Thunder by the Bay Music and Motorcycle Festival has to be my favorite memories of a rally. It is held in Florida the first weekend of February. I remember leaving cold wet Georgia driving south. A couple hours into the drive the skies began to clear as I could feel  the warmth from the sun on my face. By the time I arrived in Sarasota the temperature was in the mid 70’s with the sun shining.

Thunder by The Bay is held in downtown Sarasota. The entire downtown transforms Friday night from business into a music venue. Saturday morning the festival opens with multiple stages and an attendance of more than 40,000. There are food trucks, vendors, artist, and motorcycles everywhere. It is truly an event I would recommend. One of the best memories I have had had nothing to do with the festival. On Sunday morning before the festival began I rode my Triumph Thunderbird to the beach. I was riding in short sleeves, no helmet, over the causeway out to the beach in February. When I think of freedom this is one of the memories that comes to mind.


There are also club and organization rallies. These rallies are more frequent, much smaller, more focused.

Some of the rallies I have attended are: The Blue Knights LEMC, Combat Vets, Southern Cruisers Riding Club, ABATE, Christian Motorcycle Association and more. These organizations ride with a purpose having a membership of common interests. These events bring unity to the organization through riding and fellowship. Most of the rallies I attended with these organizations raised funds to help someone in need. Enjoying a weekend of fun, while helping someone else, makes these opportunities really special.

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Are You Ready to Shine in 2019

Ride and Shine

The 2019 riding season will soon be full throttle. For motorcyclists living in the South or out West riding season is never-ending. Riding all year long, detailing motorcycles becomes routine.

Routines are wonderful but limiting at the same time. They are wonderful because we are able to go through the motions without much thought or consideration. The problem with routines is we settle for what we know without realizing what we are missing.

Motorcycle detailing does not have to be difficult or take a lot of time. When washing or detailing a motorcycle becomes more work than rewarding we ride a dirty motorcycle.

When riders are asked what products they use to wash or detail their bikes their answers vary. Some Harley owners will say they only use Harley Products. When this is their answer I wonder if their routine maintenance products are all Harley-Davidson Brand. Taking it one step further, was that custom paint done at the dealership? Goldwing owners will often have the same answer regarding Honda Products. Amazingly, both Harley and Wing riders complain about the cost of the products they use to detail their motorcycles.

What is the Secret?

The secret to motorcycle detailing is using products specifically formulated for motorcycles. Using a product developed for cars can work but it may also cause damage. Cars are designed with an exterior and interior, motorcycles are not. Motorcycle wash and motorcycle detailing products must be safe for multiple surfaces.

Shine-Up Liquid is a best-kept secret. The formula will detail motorcycle chrome bumping the shine to a glisten.  It will also bring paint to a luster, bringing out all of those special specks of color. The formula provides protection to the paint and will revitalize leather without making the surface slick.

YouTube Video

What makes this product unique is the formula. The formula contains no petroleum distillates, acids or alcohol. Just a spritz of spray and a wipe with a soft cloth reveals the shine.

This is the testimony of the owner of the motorcycle in the picture:  “I thought my bike was clean and shiny….not until I used your products. It looks wet and the metallic flake has a 3D field look to it. Made in the USA IS A BIG PLUS TOO.” Van D 

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Puppies, Dog Pee, and Dog Urine Smell

Puppies and Dog Pee

The gift of a new puppy or dog for Christmas is wonderful, the dog pee not so much. Puppies and dogs become excited and/or anxious when they join a family. Their excitement and anxiety lead to accidents which cause dog urine smell in carpets.

Learning from experience is the best way to learn. One year one of my children got a puppy for Christmas who was housebroken before Christmas morning. Friends of the family kept the puppy at their house at night, during the day while the children were at school the puppy was at home being introduced to the home and potty trained.

Not everyone can have friends willing to take on that responsibility. When you bring home a puppy or dog, life is much better when dog pee issues are anticipated. Training from the beginning is easier than correcting bad habits.

One of the greatest mistakes made in puppy training is the use of dog pee pads. Using pee pads is training the new member of the family it is good to pee on the pad. The pad contains the pee but the undesirable behavior of the puppy peeing in the house is reinforced each time the dog pees.

Dog Urine Smell

The best training to eliminate dog pee and dog urine smell is the tried and proven method.

Manage the times your puppy or dog eats and drinks water developing a routine. When your dog eats food or drinks water take them outside to a defined area to relieve themselves.

It is important to maintain a routine feeding your dog at approximately the same time every day then taking them out to the same area to do their business.

While in the training time when accidents occur use a pet urine eliminator. Some products mask the odor without eliminating the cause – dog urine.

P-U-E (Pet Urine Eliminator) eliminates the dog urine and contains natural deodorizers in the formula.

P-U-E is sold in a 32 oz spray bottle and available in two scents, Apple Blossom or Lavender Vanilla.

Training your dog from the beginning requires time and commitment. A little time now will return wonderful benefits in the future. Creating a routine while praising your puppy each time they do as trained, your dog will want to please you in the future.

When a man trains his dog, his dog is man’s best friend! To start right from the beginning of dog ownership you can purchase your bottle of P-U-E here Pet Urine Eliminator. Be sure to choose your scent or buy one of each.

You will find we offer eco-friendly cleaning products which make cleaning safer, easier, and faster. Many dog owners realize using nature-based cleaning products is best for their pets.

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Fellow dog lover,



Motorcycle Community, Veterans, Conviction

Motorcycle Community

If you are a lone rider, ride with a few friends, or ride with a club, you are also part of the motorcycle community at large.

Motorcycle community members experience riding appreciating the freedom riding provides, understanding the challenges of traffic and the inconvenience of weather, yet choosing to live life doing what we do.

Being a part of the much larger motorcycle community displays itself every time we ride. While out riding approaching or passing another rider it is customary to acknowledge one another.  This acknowledgement might be in a subtle nod, a hand signal, or laid back wave. Each and every time we acknowledge another rider we are acknowledging our community membership.

The motorcycle community has many different looks and is in a process of change. For many outsiders the motorcycle community is mainly made up of the hardcore biker. Today the hardcore riders are the 1% clubs. No longer does this generalization of riders accurately represent the community.

Today you have motorcycle clubs (MC’s), riding clubs (RC’s) and faith based or interest based riding groups. These groups are diverse in themselves with each having a different passion and mission.

The community has also changed by gender. Women now make up almost 18 percent of riders. With the lady rider segment growing faster than the community itself, they will naturally make a significant contribution to what the community will look like in the near future.

The annual sale of motorcycles also indicates a change in process. For example, the sales of larger displacement motorcycles with higher cost have slowed while the 500-750 cc displacements have increased. With the styles of motorcycles changing so have how their riders gather for fellowship. The new generation of rider is more likely to meet at a hipster establishment, riding a cafe motorcycle, wanting to socialize more than ride.

Veterans A Community within a Community

A Veteran, young or old, is part of a community within the motorcycle community. The community to which we belong is a 1% community. Our community is our brothers and sisters in arms who along with us took an oath. The oath we took to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States with our lives if necessary.

For the first time in the history of the United States of America, there are people alive today who do not have an immediate family member serving in the military, nor do they even know a Veteran. For this reason I am a member of The American Legion Riders and proudly wear a patch of our Flag and one stating I am a Veteran.


This fall having the honor and privilege to participate in Remembrance Day (September 11th), Veterans Day November 11th), National POW/MIA Day (November 16th) and Wreaths Across America (December 22nd), I realized the unconditional beliefs of my life never changed.

Having lived in France, Germany, and The Panama Canal Zone as a child, I experienced what few others have. Traveling to different countries, working in various occupations, encountering different people with different beliefs, different socio-economic status, my core remained.

My core remained because a core is not just a belief, it is a conviction. A conviction becomes the foundation for each decision made.  When I reflected on the events listed above, along with life challenges many of us face, I became aware of the foundation of my core.

My core is conviction in God as Creator of All Things. Jesus the Christ is my Lord and Savior. The United States of America is a great country, worth dying for as so many have done. Our Founding Fathers believed in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness which was endowed by our Creator God. The Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, and The Constitution of The United States of America are the foundation of all that I am.

The New Year is upon us with many making resolutions. It came to my attention that 80 percent of people making resolutions will stop doing what they resolved to do within 21 days. Only 8% will achieve their goal. This means 12 percent will continue with their resolution while never crossing the finish line. I crossed the finish line once, dying in a hospital having to be revived. From that day I made a personal commitment to remain steadfast to my core. Will you do the same today?

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Happy New Year ride safe,

Moto-Tec-it Tim



Thanksgiving a Time of Reflection

Thank You

My wife Jodi and I are the owners of We are truly thankful for so very much. We are thankful for our faith, family, friends and the life we share together.

Having the privilege of business ownership is beyond words. We believe we provide awesome products but if if wasn’t for our customers we would not enjoy the life we do.

Providing products Made in America is important to us. Serving our country in the Army was both an honor and experience I will always cherish. Having the freedom of speech and religion will never be taken for granted.

We share our story to give God glory, for His providence or our faith, family, work and play. We are both honored to enjoy the roles and responsibilities we do.

Jodi is an Instructional Support Specialist helping to educate students our future leaders. Business ownership allows me to substitute at her school, to be active in our community through the Chamber of Commerce, serve as Commander of American Legion Post 57 Newnan, and we are able to share our story through our platform Pearls of

It is because of you and the opportunities our country provides we are able to do the things we do. There are many other small business owners like us who really want to make our communities stronger and do so by their service and contributions.

As business owners we know how important each and every purchase by a customer is. This is why we make it a practice to buy from small businesses providing American made products.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Moto-Tec-it Tim