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Our Motorcycle Community Mourned

7 Fatalities Friday, June 21, 2019 while fellow motorcycle riders were traveling to an American Legion event, their lives were lost in what is said to be the most horrific motorcycle accident on record. The families and loved ones of those who lost their lives, their friends,

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Motorcycle Shows, Rallies, Festivals

Motorcycle Shows Are you planning to attend a  motorcycle show this year? Motorcycle shows are the kickoff to another year of riding. I attended my first motorcycle show 7 years ago. The first motorcycle show I attended was the Great Atlanta Motorcycle Show. This annual show is

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Are You Ready to Shine in 2019

Ride and Shine The 2019 riding season will soon be full throttle. For motorcyclists living in the South or out West riding season is never-ending. Riding all year long, detailing motorcycles becomes routine. Routines are wonderful but limiting at the same time. They are wonderful because we

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Puppies, Dog Pee, and Dog Urine Smell

Puppies and Dog Pee The gift of a new puppy or dog for Christmas is wonderful, the dog pee not so much. Puppies and dogs become excited and/or anxious when they join a family. Their excitement and anxiety lead to accidents which cause dog urine smell in

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Motorcycle Community, Veterans, Conviction

Motorcycle Community If you are a lone rider, ride with a few friends, or ride with a club, you are also part of the motorcycle community at large. Motorcycle community members experience riding appreciating the freedom riding provides, understanding the challenges of traffic and the inconvenience of

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Thanksgiving a Time of Reflection

Thank You My wife Jodi and I are the owners of We are truly thankful for so very much. We are thankful for our faith, family, friends and the life we share together. Having the privilege of business ownership is beyond words. We believe we provide

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Do you walk with a limp?

My question, “Do you walk with a limp?” is not about walking. During the journey through life, each of us encounters trials and storms which will have an influence on our lives. These storms and their influence may be for our good or our detriment. This is

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Dirty motorcycle? Why use Ultra Gloss Bike Wipes?

Liquid on road grime makes muck Washing a motorcycle by spraying liquid onto the road grime on a dirty motorcycle makes muck. When the wet muck is wiped up with a dry solid cloth, the cloth traps the grime against the surface. The grime might be gone

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Business ownership requires multiple talents

What Hat to Wear When Owning and operating a small business requires someone to wear a lot of different hats throughout the day. Many business owners agree one of the benefits of business ownership is no two days are alike. “Routine is wonderful until it becomes a

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Gig Businesses – choose your bank wisely

The war on cash Business owners choose your financial institution wisely! Did you know there is a war on cash? “Tim, never let the U.S Government do away with the penny. Tim if the penny goes away, it is only a matter of decimal points.” Walter V.

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